The Cost Of An Amicable Divorce

Every day, many people face or contemplate divorce, Christians included. There is a vigorous discussion among Christians as to whether divorce is acceptable at all. Many say it is not. Period. Others believe, in this day and age, divorce is sometimes OK between Christians.
One thing is for sure, your Christian faith will be sorely tested in a divorce. What, and who to believe and rely on? You thought your faith rested on solid bedrock. You were sure of it. Now you find the very foundations of your faith are shifting, are a bit shaky, just when you need your religion most, to sustain you during this difficult time.
Today, we must recognize that life is complicated, and does not always run as smoothly as God, and we for that matter, would like. All we can do, perhaps the best we can do, is to find an acceptable balance between how cost God amicable divorce wants us to live, and how we ourselves want and need to live.
Then we can approach divorce as a sometimes unavoidable necessity. It is not an evil thing as such, because the parties to the divorce will probably be happier afterwards. And happiness is a good, God-like thing, something we cost amicable should all divorce strive for. This can be true for people of all faiths. It is also true that no one likes to abandon a relationship in which they have invested a lot of time, energy, emotions and feelings. But at times it is the best option, or the least worst option, if you prefer.
Perhaps you believe we have free will. Then you must also believe that we are free to make mistakes, and change, as the years slip by us. If God did not want us to act this way, He would not have given us the capacity to change and adapt. One of the consequences of this, of course, is that the person you married way back then, may have changed so much as to be almost unrecognizable today. And incompatible with your life.
We call this growing apart in a marriage. Of course, there may be more serious reasons for your problems, such as cheating or abuse. Still, a divorce might be the best alternative for you at this time. As a Christian, you may have a rockier, more difficult time than others. Divorce is not fun at the best of times. And these are not the best of times for you, not by a long shot.
In addition to the usual tribulations and anxieties your dissolving relationship will go through, your faith will be tested as never before. You may feel that you are going against God’s plan for you. Take comfort from this fact: God is all-knowing, and He will understand and forgive our sins. Surely He would not want you to stay in a cost amicable divorce loveless marriage, or one where there is abuse or other danger. If you have children, you have a duty, at once Christian, legal and moral, to do what is best for them.
Some Christians, and you may be among them, take a literal, direct interpretation of the bible, and so consider divorce as simply wrong. Well, that is fine for them, and you. The rest of us may take a more nuanced approach. The bible was written long ago. Times change. Life is different, more complicated and more stressful now. Today we have to do the best we can, and hope God will understand and forgive us.
I am sure God does not want us to suffer, and He would not want us to remain in a bad marriage, when we could find happiness elsewhere. However, divorce is a serious step for anyone, and you should have serious, compelling reasons for wanting to quit your relationship. Hopefully you have tried every possible means to save your marriage, before taking that final, awful step to divorce.
In the end, it cost depends on amicable divorce how you personally see your Christian faith. If you believe in the cost of an amicable divorce an understanding and forgiving God, then you should go ahead with your divorce, provided you have serious reasons for it. On the other hand, if you feel that divorce is just not an option for you, then the only thing to do is to make the effort to repair your marriage.
Get counseling or talk to your priest. There is a lot you can do by yourself, if your partner is unwilling to participate in this process. It will not be easy, and your path will not always be clear. But your faith will sustain you and guide you to a better future.

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Divorce does not happen overnight. free family divorce lawyer Most of the time, marriage undergo a lot of pressure before divorce surfaces as problems build on one after another. Usually, divorce happens when both the husband and the wife gave up working out the marriage. Sometimes, when both parties are already unhappy in the marriage, divorce process is prolonged because this decision takes a lot of courage as divorce can be emotionally wreaking.
Before a marriage end up in divorce, several signs of potential divorce would be shown. Some of the issues could be solved, however this need to be recognized in early stage to prevent divorce. So what are the potential signs?
a) You stop hearing compliments and all you hear are criticism. Your spouse and yourself started free to family focus more divorce lawyer on faults rather then the goodness of each other.
b) No more fun and loving. Both of you stop smiling together as often as before. Both of you do not seem to be in the same place as before and find it hard to be happy together.
c) Messy home. You find that both of you do not put in as much effort as before to keep the home tidy and clean. You care lesser about the home and the well-being.
d) Your spouse presence seemed to irritate you and you feel happier without each other around. When your spouse is not at home, you realize you are more happy compared to when they are around at home.
e) Decrease in intimacy in a marriage. If your partner or yourself refuse to have any sexual contact with one another, this may be a very serious sign of breakdown in a marriage. If this is not satisfied in a marriage, it could mean that it is being satisfied outside of the marriage and this could be a serious marriage breaker.
d)Difference in future goals. If you spouse wants more kids and you do not wish to have any, this could make a marriage drift apart.
Probably you should use the above list of warning signs and do a checklist on your marriage. Are these warning signs seen in your marriage?

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My mother blaine always cartwright divorce stressed the benefit of prevention and in all facets of life I found that to be true even it seems to help save my marriage. Relationships are very fragile and like all breakable things, once blaine it’s been cartwright damaged divorce is never quite the same. Many blaine cartwright couples reach divorce out and ask marriage counselors for help when the marriage has been damaged almost beyond repair. Wouldn’t it have been easier though if through diligence one was able to prevent these frightful points of no return situations so as to ensure a healthier married relationship all around?
According to statistics in the U.S., the most common reason for divorce is extra-marital affairs. This reason accounts for 27% of all divorce cases in the country. Sad but true, an affair is an act of betrayal few can forgive and even fewer can successfully move past it and make the marriage work. The most ideal solution would be to prevent such a situation from happening.
Like most relationship issues affairs don’t happen overnight, there are always circumstances that precede it which lead to one partner being in the state of mind to entertain the idea of having extra marital relations. At times in a marriage we get to a place where we are so used to being together that we take each other for granted. We brush aside seemingly trivial uneasy feelings which could have hinted at our relationship needing a change and could have spurred us into action.
Lack of appreciation is a blinking red light in a relationship. Unfortunately we usually bypass this warning sign because it is not accompanied by a lot of fighting or passion filled declarations. This unassuming but insidious issue is more of partners just not taking the time to address a person’s basic need of being appreciated. If a spouse does not find this feeling of worth in a relationship then he or she may be tempted to look for acceptance or validation elsewhere in the form of an affair.
The plea help save my marriage starts in situations such as this where there is an unmet need. Work to resolve it before it has a chance to develop into something more serious. To inspire appreciation toward your spouse think of blaine cartwright divorce one thing that you value in him or her. blaine cartwright divorce Then decide on a simple way to show your gratitude. The gesture does not have to be grandiose, a short neck rub, an e-mail or bringing him something to drink when he sits on the sofa at the end of the day may seem inconsequential but its things like these that make our spouse feel appreciated.
Intimacy is a facet of relationships that and is both physical and emotional so both of these components have to be addressed. According to experts a majority of men seek sex outside of marriage because they seek emotional intimacy and not necessarily the physical sensations.
Learn to initiate sex, it also won’t hurt to read on and improve your moves (I’m sure there have been times when you wished your spouse did). Sex in a relationship makes your partner feel wanted and attractive, who does not want to feel that way?
To cultivate emotional intimacy on the other hand needs and empathetic ear and open mind on your part. Women are at ease talking about almost anything while men are more wary because they feel vulnerable when sharing but both need a good listener who does not judge their actions or thoughts.
So even if we are itching to lecture them or give advice try asking follow-up questions instead. This may lead them to introspective thinking and realization will come from it without you acting like a mother giving a sermon and making your spouse regret confiding in you. Being open and non-judgmental fosters intimacy and enhances your marriage. Incorporating tips like these in your daily life will hopefully eliminate your need to one day say help save my marriage.

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Each portion of your brain is responsible for storing a particular type of memory. In order to function correctly, your brain must have the ability to pull international out divorce lawyer montreal considerably important info such as birth dates, faces etc. In order to formulate the ability to recall data without delay, you should do exercises designed to help you improve your memory. Once or twice a week, you’ll definitely find yourself trying to locate your car keys by searching every possible location within your house and then ultimately finding them in your main drawer. Or sometimes, you can even make severe blunders like asking your boss about his wife when he’d already told you a week ago that his wife had cleaned him up in their divorce case. But do not despair even if you’re memory is not that great. You can resort to various exercises which deal with distributing knowledge in regards to how to improve the memory. Memory increasing tools can be adopted by almost anybody looking to build upon his or her natural brain power and provides numerous long term benefits.
How 2 Improve Memory
Every memory augmenting exercise will be based international upon divorce three factors; lawyer association, imagination montreal as well as location.
You can just as well compare it with the century old story of attaching a string to your finger in order to prevent you from forgetting things. Although this particular proverb seems hilarious to some, the logic involved in its development is sound. The basic theory relates to placing an object near you that will primarily attempt to force you to remember particular things. The object that will ‘shock’ your memory will basically be a the same as tying a thread around your fingers to keep you from forgetting things. A string, in this case, has been international used as divorce an lawyer example. montreal The choice of objects or visual reminders does not really matter except the fact that they should serve their purpose. If you wear a ring in your left hand then wearing it in your right might do the trick. On the other hand, utilizing any item already present in your surroundings can also do the trick. A good example would be placing something on your dashboard right before parking your car at work in the morning. When getting back inside the car, you will remove the item from the dashboard and will finally figure out that you need to pick up your laundry.
Experts also regard the utlization of association in conjunction with visualization as an excellent way to improve your memory. Words can be converted into images in order to make you remember them more easily. Consider a situation in which you have to remind yourself of a doctor’s appointment. international divorce lawyer montreal The first and foremost thing to do is to figure out some sort of corresponding image to the word ‘3’. For example, think about the story of the three little pigs and try to visualize them in your head. The key is to think of an image which is special to you thereby making it easier for you to remember. Consequently, while thinking about your appointment, you will be sure to remember the time as well because of the corresponding image of the three little pigs.
As has been mentioned earlier, the location method or the loci method is yet another efficient approach for memory increase. This method was devised by Greek orators and was also employed by Socrates. By taking tours of their houses, they would try to appoint a single label to every room in the house. They would normally associate images with words and then try to remember those words by looking at the images which in this case were rooms in their houses. Although the primary impact of the location method is to provide a starting point for remembering information, it can also assist you in deciphering one mnemonic from another. Distinguishing between mnemonics becomes easier when you can place them within separate categories such as town, cities, rooms etc.
The location method inculcates implicit memory which is basic explanation why it has a high success rate. Basically, you can easily retain and recall implicit memories because you will not have to force yourself to remember them. This is precisely why experts recommend the use of locations that you are extremely familiar with. On the other hand, children can just as easily use the loci method as adults can.
From an overall perspective, these methods are amongst the many diverse techniques that can be employed by individuals to step-up your memory. The quickest way to see any real results in the way that you remember things is to include these activities within your daily regiment.

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Buying a used car is a smart move. A new car depreciates in value the moment it drives away from the dealership; a used car holds its’ value while also being less expensive. However, finding used car deals can be taxing. While new car customers focus on the brand or features of a vehicle, someone buying a used car needs to consider the purchase from more angles – the history of the car, the seller, the red/black book value, the mileage, the age of the car, etc. And depending on which feature the seller highlights, any used car can be considered a deal. So, how do you identify the genuine deals from the duds?
If you are looking for used car deals, you want the best product for the best price. This can be greatly impacted by where you are looking. Car sales lots are not always the best place to go. Most deals can be found in private sales. People sell their cars for any number of reasons – upgrading to a new car, a divorce or a moving sale, or downsizing. People who sell their vehicle privately are often eager to get their cash and move on with their lives. In other words, they can often be persuaded to part with the vehicle for less than it is worth because they are more motivated than a used car salesperson.
The other place to find great used car deals is car auctions. This is where individuals or businesses sell off their vehicles. Depending on the bidders, there is often limited competition and the vehicle goes to the highest bidder. This is a great way to purchase a quality product for less than its’ actual value.
The third consideration is that price should never be the only determining factor india when divorce buying a used car. Instead, the quality of the vehicle should guide your search. Buying a vehicle that is a high-end quality brand will obviously cost you more than last year’s low-end car. But the quality will pay india divorce off in the long run. Used car deals that emphasize price might be hiding something. You may think that you got a great deal until you spend thousands of dollars on repairs.
Finally, you can determine genuine used car deals based on basic outside expertise. It is commonplace to get an inspection done on the vehicle, receive a vehicle history report, and compare the price of the vehicle to its red/black book value. There india and divorce is security in knowing that you are not alone in determining the value of the vehicle – used car experts will tell you india if divorce there are mechanical concerns or if the vehicle has been in an accident. Be india sure to divorce incorporate this information into your decision.
Used car deals can be defined in many ways. And anyone who is selling a car will tell you that they are offering a great deal. But genuine deals can only be found with a little research, focusing on quality rather than price, and looking in the right places.

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Here’s a thought to lose sleep over: Even though insomnia isn’t considered a major health threat, like heart disease or cancer-it can ruin your life.
I recently saw a patient who came to me in tears. No, she hadn’t been diagnosed with a deadly disease. She wasn’t crying about the painful divorce she had been through, or about her business that had failed.
She was crying because of exhaustion. She simply was not sleeping well. (More later about how we helped her.) One sleepless night may not be too alarming. But one night can lead to two, and three and more. And that can lead to disaster.
Imagine this scenario.
You’re going through midlife. Life is stressful. You have restless nights, sometimes spending hours tossing and turning. You go to your free divorce primary care form doctor, arizona and he or she gives you a sleeping pill.
It works at first. But the next day, you don’t feel like yourself. The next night, you still can’t fall asleep. So you take another pill. Same thing the free divorce form arizona next night, and the night after.
You start to worry that you might be becoming addicted to a medication that isn’t even helping. You’re wondering if there’s a more natural way. Now what?
Well, you start looking for answers. But you can’t always get them from your primary care doctor. See, doctors are trained to go the pharmaceutical route to solve problems like insomnia. And the big pharmaceutical companies aren’t going to help you solve insomnia in a more natural way-they’re in business to sell drugs, not natural solutions.
That’s why I started doing my own investigation into natural solutions for insomnia. Here’s what I found out about the causes of insomnia.
–Too much light can cause insomnia. Even the light from an alarm clock can be read by your skin and interpreted by your body as free divorce sunlight, and form arizona it will tell our body that it’s time to get up.
–Noise from a snoring spouse, traffic, even a ticking alarm clock can cause insomnia.
–Stress is a common cause of insomnia. When you’re stressed, you produce an abnormal amount of cortisol, a hormone produced by the adrenal gland. Cortisol levels are normally low during the night, but when they peak during stressful periods, the result is sleeplessness.
–Your internal clock can get off-kilter. Mother nature wants us to be productive in the daytime, and sleep at night. If you go to bed late and wake up late, you can throw your internal clock off schedule.
–Fluctuating hormone levels can keep you awake. As estrogen, testosterone and cortisol levels drop, the body compensates by raising adrenaline levels.
–Infections can cause insomnia. If you have a urinary tract infection, you’ll be visiting the bathroom frequently during the night. Other infections such as Lyme free disease divorce form can arizona trigger sleeplessness, as can simple allergies.
–Stomach problems, from minor aches to free serious divorce form concerns such arizona as celiac disease, can inflame your stomach, upset your enzyme balance, and keep you awake.
–Sleeplessness can even be due to a lack of nutrients. If you don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables, or you eat produce grown in poor soil conditions, you might not be getting the vitamins and nutrients you need.
This may lead to too many neurotransmitters (chemicals that transmit signals) in the brain. Some kinds of neurotransmitters are known to agitate the brain.
–Environmental causes such as electromagnetic smog–emissions such as radio waves from cell phone towers–could be a contributing factor.
–Probably my most concerning finding: toxins can cause insomnia. For instance, mercury, the kind found in certain fish, prevents adrenaline and noradrenaline (a stress hormone) from leaving your system at night.
It’s hard to sleep when adrenaline is rushing through your system! Toxins turned out to be the case with the patient I mentioned earlier. I started detoxification treatment, and she is on her way to normal sleep–and getting her life back.
1. Make sure that your bedroom is totally dark and completely quiet.
2. Get checked for metal toxicity. Detoxify if necessary. Use a seafood selector tool, available online, to determine which fish are safer to eat.
3. Get the right vitamins and micronutrients. Stay away from multi-vitamins, because pharmaceutical companies can’t know which vitamins and micronutrients you are lacking. Consult with a professional to determine what you need.
4. Have your hormones and neurotransmitters checked by a professional, and have them adjusted as necessary.
5. Manage stress. Use stress reduction techniques like meditation, and Emotional Freedom Techniques (a form of therapy that draws on alternative medicine techniques such as tapping on specific pressure points).
6. Shield yourself from electromagnetic smog. Turn off Wi-Fi and computers. Use foil under your mattress. Consider getting a special protective canopy (available online) to shield yourself from cell phone towers.
7. Stick with a Paleolithic diet: meat, poultry, fish, fresh vegetables and fruits. Go organic. Eat grass-fed beef. Stay away from wheat and dairy products.
8. Have enough fun!

Ohio Divorce Rights

Going through a divorce takes time, patience, and money. In this article, we’ll discuss methods to help ease the financial burden of divorce. By using some of our recommendations, you’ll save money and ease the pressure on your pocketbook.
Save money by working out agreements in advance.
Are you and your spouse still communicating? If you can engage in productive discussions about property division, child custody arrangements, parenting time schedules, child support obligations, and even spousal maintenance, then do so. Try to arrive at as many agreements on those issues as possible. If you and your spouse are able to resolve only one issue, say parenting time, then that is one less matter for the attorneys to work through.
The settlement terms that you and your spouse agree to will be reviewed by both attorneys in the family law case. Each attorney will ensure that his or her client’s rights are fully protected, that the agreements are lawful and enforceable, and that the best interests of the children are fully addressed.
Save money by mediating all or some of your disputed issues.
You’ve probably heard of ohio mediation as divorce a form rights of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). Mediation is a very effective process that can really save you money. Although private mediation involves the expense of hiring a professional mediator and having your attorney present to assist you with negotiations, for most couples the mediation costs less than paying attorneys to litigate those issues at trial.
In mediation, there is no reporting what went on to the court. Instead, it is a purely confidential process. The significant benefit of mediation is that any issue can be mediated, from child custody, parenting time, and division of assets and debts, to spousal maintenance. The mediator assists the spouses in moving toward agreement on the matters presented ohio for mediation. divorce It is rights possible for every disputed issue to be fully resolved through mediation, but even partial resolution on some issues will advance the parties’ case. The fewer issues in dispute, the fewer issues to litigate, the fewer decisions the court will make for the parties.
When mediation successfully resolves issues and is written into an agreement signed by the parties, then the agreement is submitted to the Judge who, absent an objection, signs it as a court order.
Save money by using a financial planner.
Divorce is a life-changing event for everyone in the family. As such, it is a time when investing money in a financial planner is a good idea and can save money in the long term. A financial planner determines realistic living expenses, estimates educational expenses, predicts retirement needs, and provides the information necessary to present a solid financial picture for the future. By establishing how much money you ohio will divorce need rights to live independently from your spouse, you’ll also have a baseline for divorce negotiations.
Save money with a financial analysis.
There is always a division of assets and debts in a divorce. This may be a complex process for some couples, requiring professional asset and debt analysis by a financial analyst, or forensic accountant. The certainty ohio that divorce rights financial analysis provides allows the spouses to negotiate with actual data. (So they are not relying on gut instinct as to what something should be worth.) With a report from a financial analyst, the spouses will know their true net worth.
Save money by keeping your attorney on the legal matters.
Many people fall into a pattern of using their attorney as a sounding board for non-legal matters, and to some degree that’s understandable. However, a client may come to rely too heavily on the ohio attorney for divorce emotional support. rights As well-meaning and sympathetic as the attorney may be, that is just not a good idea. For one, it will cost in legal fees. Second, emotional health counseling is not something that most attorneys have any special knowledge about.
To keep your legal fees under control, you need to rely on your attorney solely for legal matters. If you are struggling with the emotional aspects of your divorce, then consider meeting with a divorce counselor.
In our Arizona family law experience, clients who meet with divorce counselors make better decisions than those who don’t. Those who attend divorce counseling early in the divorce process ohio divorce rights are calmer, more reasoned, and tend to have more realistic expectations and goals. They also tend to be more objective — capable of stepping back from their emotions to ohio see divorce the rights bigger picture. In a divorce situation, that balanced frame of mind is extremely helpful in getting effective results.
Save money by being your own case assistant.
Make copies of all your paperwork instead of relying on your attorney’s office staff to make the necessary copies for you. Making duplicates and sorting through documents and files takes a lot of time. Take advantage of your special knowledge of the facts and appoint yourself official case assistant. Make sure you know your limitations, and don’t hesitate to ask for direction when you need it. When you understand what must be photocopied, summarized, and organized, there is no reason why you cannot perform the work yourself and assist your attorney’s legal team.
You should get to know your attorney’s legal assistants in short order. When you have a question that’s not about getting legal advice, place your call or send your email to your attorney’s paralegal or legal secretary. This is especially true when you are following up on routine matters, like the status of court filing or court dates.
Lastly, if you have suspicions that your spouse may be hiding assets from you, then do some of your own investigative work by examining bank and financial statements, tax returns, paychecks, and all your joint financial records to discover any anomalies.

Divorce And Children And Relationships

We’re about to share some know-how on how to check civil divorce records before you get married to someone. In line with statistics, scores of children are being somehow affected by their parents’ divorce. Those who belong to broken families actually are really affected somehow. But let’s get back to the point, shall we?
Nobody has loads of time to spare for browsing through all the registries on earth to find whether the man or woman in concern was actually divorced. But conducting some research online does make your life easier. You don’t have all the time in the world to visit every single registry just to check the divorce records. But by conducting an online search, you can access hundreds or even thousands of divorce divorce records children in different relationships locations.
There’re numerous directories you could visit to find divorce records. But you should pay special attention to the public records. Websites catering common people with public records are so numerous. Hence you could easily retrieve your desired info if you just log in these sites. The good side is that, there’s absolutely no need for you to get any government authorization, since such document isn’t regarded confidential. Some websites feature specialized portals that let us to conduct many other types of public record searching besides searching divorce records.
This’ll solve man of your problems. For instance, you won’t need to visit multiple offices for checking divorce records. And most of all, there won’t be any need for you to alienate your would be husband or wife as you’re checking on his or her past records. Love and trust are all okay, but it doesn’t hurt advancing towards a long-term relationship after divorce and children and relationships a background check, right?
After quite a few searches, if you aren’t able to find your divorce desired results, children relationships it’s best to halt the search. And if you can’t console your mind following the futile researches, it’s better to ask him or her in a frank and soft tone. After all, there can’t be anything wrong in trying to be honest with your would-be life partner.
But you got to keep in mind that divorce records we usually obtain online generally are certified or uncertified. Chances are high that you’ll get uncertified copies online. So you can’t use them for legal purposes. For getting certified copies, you have to contact the respective registrars or individuals who are officially involved in the divorce.

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Daniel’s prophecy details the events of the Syrian Wars, fought in the 3rd century before Christ.
11:6a And at the end of some years
It is in fact about 28 years from the death of Seleucus Nicator (280) until the events described in this verse. After he is murdered, seeking to take Thrace as his own, his son Antiochus I reigns. He is the son also of an madonna Iranian princess, divorce Apama. Seleucus, wikipedia it seems, has been the most obedient to the vision of Alexander for a new world order, mixing the peoples of earth, East and West, into one. The wife assigned him by Alexander, he keeps.
Antiochus begins his reign by paying proper, though to us improper, homage to his dad. He orders that Seleucus be venerated as Zeus Nicator, the conquering God. But Antiochus would have been a bit of a disappointment madonna divorce to wikipedia Dad in other ways. Though he, like Ptolemy I, is called Soter, he has a hard time saving the empire from major shrinkage.
There are independence movements in North Anatolia (Asia Minor), threats of war from Macedonia, and a directed harassment from a mass of 20,000 Gauls that cross over into Asia Minor. He eventually defeats them and earns his Soter badge. But there is a lessening of strength, and it is helped along by an attack from the new king of the South, Ptolemy Philadelphus. There is war from 274-271, but nothing decisive happens. This is the First Syrian War.
Philadelphus, for his part, still seems to have the upper hand in the North-South relationship. He has learned well from papa how to relate to anyone born of Seleucus, and in fact is coregent with his father for the first 2-3 years of the reign. His name, brother-loving may have reference to the fact that he marries his full sister, Arsinoe II, in 276. Thirteen years before, he had married Arsinoe I, but he bansishes this daughter of Lysimachus when politics intervene. Dad had his mini-harem too. Also like Father, Philadelphus is a man interested in building a great people and a great land. One of his best known projects is the madonna building divorce wikipedia of a canal linking the Nile to the Gulf of Suez.
Like the Seleucids, this King is a devotee of the ruler cult and promotes the divinity of all Egyptian rulers. It is said that the Romans were later influenced by what they saw along these lines in the Successor States.
His father’s peace with the Jews is likewise passed on. The high priest and company in Israel are permitted to become a political power just under Ptolemy. As long as the taxes are kept paid, the Jews fare well. Josephus relates the history of the Septuagint Scriptures sponsored by Philadelphus. Ptolemy and high priest Eleazar exchange letters, creating the plan to send 6 elders of every tribe of Israel to Alexandria for the express purpose of madonna translating divorce the wikipedia Hebrew Scriptures into Greek. The Septuagint we call it today.
In 261, another Antiochus, named Theos or God, begins his reign in Antioch. He immediately declares war on Ptolemy, in what is called the Second Syrian War. Perhaps this is in response to yet more shrinkage madonna of divorce the Seleucid wikipedia Empire, a desperate attempt to save face. The conflict stretches on to about 253. Then it is clear that the only way for both sides to resolve this mess is if.
11:6b they shall join forces The Lagidae and the Seleucidae need to get together, to form an alliance. The tool in this plan is again a young lady, Berenice, daughter of Ptolemy II.
11:6c for the daughter of the king of the South shall go to the king of the North to make an agreement
Trouble is, Antiochus II (Theos) already has a wife! Her name is Laodice. His love and affection for her is so great that he names a city after her, Laodicea. But Ptolemy insists. The affairs of state must take precedence over our petty desires. Take the woman. So in 252, he takes her, after a bitter divorce from Laodice. It is not clear to me why two wives could not be kept on, as was the normal thing in this situation. It could be that Laodice was the perpetrator of the divorce in reaction to her husband’s proposed unfaithfulness. It must be an awful thing to be replaced by a political statement,
11:6d but she[Berenice] shall not retain the power of her authority
Berenice’s new position as queen of the former enemy territory is madonna short-lived, divorce maybe 5-6 wikipedia years. Berenice is divorced and sent away. Laodice is recalled, like the benched quarterback who must fill in for the new star who has broken his leg. Antiochus has made a serious misjudgment of women, or at least of this one,
11:6e and neither he nor his authority shall stand.
The man Antiochus must madonna die. The divorce wikipedia king Antiochus must be replaced. Poison will take care of both. And we might want to think this horror will not extend to Egypt
11:6f but she shall be given up
In fact, Berenice is given up to death along with her infant son, who would have been Antiochus III. All that had a part in this plan, the father Ptolemy, who dies shortly after Berenice is sent away, the poisoned husband Antiochus, the nobles that accompany Berenice from Egypt, are all dead. That’s what God said would happen: She will die
11:6g with those who madonna brought her, divorce wikipedia and with him who begot her, and with him who strengthened her in those times.
Laodice, her thirst for blood temporarily assuaged, sets her son from Antiochus on the throne. History will remember him madonna divorce as Seleucus wikipedia Callinicus. The year is 246.
11:7a But from a branch of her roots one shall arise in his place
Ptolemy III is next in line in Egypt. He is called the benefactor or Euergetes in Greek. His reign begins in 246, and he is definitely a branch of Berenice’s parental roots. That’s a special way of saying, her brother. And he arose in the place of his father at his death. He must obviously be the one
11:7b who shall come with an army
Euergetes and with him all of Egypt is outraged at Laodice’s killing of Berenice and their son. The so-called Laodicean War or Third Syrian War, 246-241 ensues as he must
11:7c enter the fortress of the king of the North,
Seleucus II Callinicus, the weak-kneed leader of the Syrian effort now. His reign also begins in 246, as both powers lose their government in the same few months. He soon yields up his very capital to Euergetes, who has come to
11:7d deal with them and prevail
It won’t be the only loss of Seleucus II, nor the only win of Ptolemy III, but it is quite typical. Seleucus is suffering from these external pressures during his 20+ years in office, and also from internal revolts. The pesky Laodice, about whom the war is being fought, and who happens to be his mother, sets him up against his own brother, Antiochus the hawk, in Asia Minor! The resulting War of the Brothers results in a division of the Kingdom which takes the two following administrations to heal.
Bactria (Afghanistan) and then Parthia (Iran) break away. Though Seleucus’ other name Callinicus means gloriously victorious, he isn’t. The Empire of his first namesake has shrunk to its very lowest. He himself will die a prisoner in Parthia about 226. At least one source adds that he dies from a fall from a horse. And this all happens several years before Ptolemy meets his Creator (221), as His Creator foretold in v. 8b. (see below)
If one is keeping score, it would be proper to give Seleucus Callinicus at least one point in his favor: his son, Antiochus the Great, who leads a revival of the Seleucid event. But that’s still 2 kings away. He will be succeeded by Seleucus III, who after a 3-year reign will succumb to brother Antiochus.
Back to Ptolemy, for now. He’s on a roll. First on his agenda,
11:8a madonna divorce wikipedia he shall carry their gods captive to Egypt, with their princes [footnote, molded images] and their precious articles of silver and gold
It is said that what Euergetes actually discovers in Syria are long- madonna lost divorce idols wikipedia and sacred treasures that had been stolen from Egypt by none other than Cambyses of Persia, in 524 BC! But in the midst of all the deep penetration into Syrian territory, Ptolemy is called back to Egypt due to domestic troubles. He certainly would have taken all of Syria had he been given the time. But then history would not have worked itself out madonna divorce as God wikipedia foresaw. When Ptolemy goes home, Seleucus, now with some allies, recaptures much of the territory. The hand madonna of God divorce is wikipedia keeping these powers separate for a reason.
But at least, as noted,
11:8b he shall continue more years than the king of the North. (see comments on 7d) In just a few years, 240, Syria has regrouped and recovered, so 11:9 Then the king of the North shall come to the kingdom of the king of the South, but shall return to his own land.
Yes, Callinicus tries an all-out attack on Ptolemy. But he is beaten again, and tail between his legs has to move quickly back to Mama and safety, such as it is. A measure of peace prevails from 240 until 221, when Euergetes is dead. Dying with Euergetes seems to be also the expansionist ways of Egypt. Though Ptolemy III has been a great success, and brought new wealth to his people, the tides seem to be turning toward the North.
Upon his death, 221, wife Berenice II becomes joint heir with her son, Ptolemy IV. For this effort, Ptolemy has her murdered. And before his own surprise death in 203, he will have killed not only Mom, but Brother, Uncle, and maybe Sister, who doubled as Wife. Disfunction rules in these Macedonian families.
11:10a However his sons shall stir up strife
His sons are Seleucus III Soter (these names seem to re-appear every few years, sometimes in North, sometimes in South) and Antiochus III Magnus, that is, The Great. Seleucus is a weak king, but wants very much to recover what his father has lost. He tries indeed, but lacking skills of leadership, he cannot rule his own army, and is so disrespected as to finally be poisoned by his friends. His entire reign is about 3 years, 226-223.
Brother Antiochus is a different story. He takes the throne upon Seleucus’ tragic death, as a boy in his late teens. Though so young, he has already gained valuable experience as a governor of Babylonia under madonna his divorce wikipedia brother. He immediately tries to conquer Ptolemy. So both sons stir up strife against Egypt. Both
11:10b assemble a multitude of great forces; and one shall certainly come and overwhelm and pass through
Notice how the text starts with a plurality but ends in the singular. Seleucus tries and fails. Now Antiochus’ major effort is recorded. In advance, of course.
Before documenting the anti-Egypt campaign, I should first re- introduce the ruler of Egypt in these days. Ptolemy IV Philopater (father love?!), the family murderer, is the most cruel and vicious of the Ptolemies. He is called a drunk, and it is recorded that he is completely under the control of his favorites at the court. On his cruel side, he especially hates the Jews and persecutes them without mercy. It is easy to understand why Israel in general turns toward the north for help. The stage is now set for the Fourth Syrian War. Antiochus Magnus at first defeats Philopater and begins to take territory north of Egypt, as far as Gaza. Tyre and Ptolemais are his. In 218 his is Lebanon and Palestine, and Phoenicia.
11:10c Then he shall return to his fortress and stir up strife
It is said that while Antiochus is besieging Dora, he is forced to retire to Ptolemais for the winter.
We leave him there for now. Such was the struggle for Syria before the days of Antiochus the Great. And all of it was foretold by Daniel the prophet, as it was given to him by an angel of God.

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