The Great Divorce Book Reviews

You wouldn’t believe how many married women ask this question; what do you do when your husband doesn’t love you anymore? I feel for them (and you) as I have lived this situation. I know that it’s so hard to continue living with a person who has lost all his feelings for you. This is not the time to let go – it is time to act. Maybe you could think that there’s nothing you can do to avoid a great divorce book divorce, reviews but trust me – there is. I have saved my marriage from the great divorce book reviews this situation and made everything better than they ever were – and so can you.
Of course, when your husband doesn’t love you anymore, this is not an easy situation to take. You are confused, sad, desperate and many more things at the same time. In my experience, even though I had seen it coming, it was a devastating blow to me nonetheless. Maybe you are inclined to think that there is a new woman in your husband’s life, but usually this is not the case (most men treat their wives even better in guilt, when there’s another woman in their lives). What’s really happening is, you are changing. Your husband married a woman but ended up with another. If you really want to avoid a divorce and want to make your husband love you again, it’s time to change. No, I don’t mean that you should change into a completely new personality. You should just change back into the woman you had been when you were first married.
To make your husband love you again, you definitely need to show him that you are not taking him for granted. This is a very negative thing that happens in so many marriages. After the papers are signed, one side might start taking the other for granted, and this kills the love. This can be the reason your husband doesn’t love you anymore. You need to act in order to make your husband believe that you are not taking him for granted. Every day, spare some time to just focus on your husband, and make him feel loved and adored. Compliment him and thank him for everything he has brought in your life.

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