The Cost Of An Amicable Divorce

Every day, many people face or contemplate divorce, Christians included. There is a vigorous discussion among Christians as to whether divorce is acceptable at all. Many say it is not. Period. Others believe, in this day and age, divorce is sometimes OK between Christians.
One thing is for sure, your Christian faith will be sorely tested in a divorce. What, and who to believe and rely on? You thought your faith rested on solid bedrock. You were sure of it. Now you find the very foundations of your faith are shifting, are a bit shaky, just when you need your religion most, to sustain you during this difficult time.
Today, we must recognize that life is complicated, and does not always run as smoothly as God, and we for that matter, would like. All we can do, perhaps the best we can do, is to find an acceptable balance between how cost God amicable divorce wants us to live, and how we ourselves want and need to live.
Then we can approach divorce as a sometimes unavoidable necessity. It is not an evil thing as such, because the parties to the divorce will probably be happier afterwards. And happiness is a good, God-like thing, something we cost amicable should all divorce strive for. This can be true for people of all faiths. It is also true that no one likes to abandon a relationship in which they have invested a lot of time, energy, emotions and feelings. But at times it is the best option, or the least worst option, if you prefer.
Perhaps you believe we have free will. Then you must also believe that we are free to make mistakes, and change, as the years slip by us. If God did not want us to act this way, He would not have given us the capacity to change and adapt. One of the consequences of this, of course, is that the person you married way back then, may have changed so much as to be almost unrecognizable today. And incompatible with your life.
We call this growing apart in a marriage. Of course, there may be more serious reasons for your problems, such as cheating or abuse. Still, a divorce might be the best alternative for you at this time. As a Christian, you may have a rockier, more difficult time than others. Divorce is not fun at the best of times. And these are not the best of times for you, not by a long shot.
In addition to the usual tribulations and anxieties your dissolving relationship will go through, your faith will be tested as never before. You may feel that you are going against God’s plan for you. Take comfort from this fact: God is all-knowing, and He will understand and forgive our sins. Surely He would not want you to stay in a cost amicable divorce loveless marriage, or one where there is abuse or other danger. If you have children, you have a duty, at once Christian, legal and moral, to do what is best for them.
Some Christians, and you may be among them, take a literal, direct interpretation of the bible, and so consider divorce as simply wrong. Well, that is fine for them, and you. The rest of us may take a more nuanced approach. The bible was written long ago. Times change. Life is different, more complicated and more stressful now. Today we have to do the best we can, and hope God will understand and forgive us.
I am sure God does not want us to suffer, and He would not want us to remain in a bad marriage, when we could find happiness elsewhere. However, divorce is a serious step for anyone, and you should have serious, compelling reasons for wanting to quit your relationship. Hopefully you have tried every possible means to save your marriage, before taking that final, awful step to divorce.
In the end, it cost depends on amicable divorce how you personally see your Christian faith. If you believe in the cost of an amicable divorce an understanding and forgiving God, then you should go ahead with your divorce, provided you have serious reasons for it. On the other hand, if you feel that divorce is just not an option for you, then the only thing to do is to make the effort to repair your marriage.
Get counseling or talk to your priest. There is a lot you can do by yourself, if your partner is unwilling to participate in this process. It will not be easy, and your path will not always be clear. But your faith will sustain you and guide you to a better future.

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