Cheryl Cole Divorce Statement

One of the biggest battles during a divorce proceeding is the house. Who gets it? What will the buyout price be? Would it be better to sell it? There are so many questions and the answers depend on many different conditions. The two main conditions are who owns it and how did they contribute to the mortgage. When the house is owned by both parties, either one will have to buy the other out for their share of the equity. If this cannot be done the house will have to be sold. It is different if one of the parties owns the house solely. When one parties name is on the loan and it was purchased after marriage, the other party is entitled to half of the marital assets including the home. The owner has rights to the property but must trade other marital assets for the equity or pay equity owed to the other party. This is different if the property was purchased before marriage.
If the house was owned by one party prior to marriage, a few factors are considered to determine if the other party will get equity and how much. Anything acquired after marriage is considered jointly owned by the parties and must be split in half. They may be entitled to equity gained after marriage if they can prove they made payments, paid taxes, performed maintenance on the residence, or helped in some other way. Any equity gained before the marriage belongs to the owner. Often the equity gained over the marriage will be subtracted from the total equity of the house and the difference will be split. This does not mean that you have to sell your house just because the other person is entitled to equity. The amount owed can be paid in cash or can be made up by giving the other party marital assets of equal cheryl cole divorce statement value.
Here are the things you need to be able to provide a lawyer to show the house was bought cheryl cole divorce statement before the marriage. First the loan paperwork should have your name only on it. Make copies and take this to an experienced lawyer. Also get records of everything you have paid into the house prior to and after the cheryl cole divorce marriage. statement Make note of all the repairs you personally made and paid for. All this information will show that the house if rightfully yours and will help reinforce your right to the equity after the marriage. The more hard evidence and records you have, the better off you are. You may have to give up some marital assets to keep the house. Just remember it is your home and the other items can be replaced.
To handle a situation like this, contact experienced Atlanta divorce attorneys. They know Atlanta family law and deal with cases like these all the time. By getting an experienced attorney, they will be able to help determine what rights the other party has to the equity of the property and can word the paperwork to reflect the correct amount and how it will be paid.

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