Beautiful Advice From A Divorced Man

Is it possible to find healing after infidelity in marriage? The answer is yes but there are a few things that you must consider. If you have found yourself in a cheating relationship you should know that feeling pain and disbelief is only the beginning of your emotional battle pursuing healing. The pain of betrayal can become so intense that many people feel physically ill and beautiful advice from a divorced man even nauseated when thinking about it so they decide that avoiding the issue is less painful.
The complexities of emotions need to be processed properly or the damage already inflicted on your marriage could lead to resentment and permanent damage to the relationship. Many couples divorce after infidelity in marriage but there are many who work through their issues and discover healing and a richer relationship after an affair.
Here are just some of the possible obstacles standing in the way of healing after infidelity in marriage that you need to be aware of.

The one who cheated is defensive and feels trapped when asked about the details.
The feeling that you do not want to be lied to again.
The haunting images in your mind.
The other person is still pursuing them.
Constant fights over the subject.
The sense of trust is shattered.
The feeling of intimacy has been lost.
Not sure they will ever be honest again
If you are not pursuing healing your marriage will never again be healthy. It is important that you process your emotional and relational concerns properly or the suspicions, distrust and bitterness will consume any chance of a healthy relationship. Over half of the marriages work at healing after infidelity in marriage. Of those many have discovered and resolved some of the issues beautiful that advice led divorced man to cheating in the first place. As a result they have a richer relationship than they had before.
Those who have the bond of history or have children feel salvaging the marriage is worth the effort. In most cases they still love each other so the effort to work through to healing is worth it. To start this process both partners need to agree. That means that they can not just continue as if nothing happened. Something this traumatic needs to be addressed or the problems will just worsen. It is almost always recommended that guidance through this process is sought out.
Your marriage can be restored and your emotions healed. It is happening with couples every day. In most cases the relationship is far more fulfilling after the healing than it ever was before. Healing after infidelity in marriage is the right choice for thousands of couples. You have to decide if it is the right choice for you?

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