How To Divorce A Woman

I often reflect upon the human being needs, and how they have evolved over years. I also think about life mode as it is today, as opposed to what it was ten years ago, 100 years ago, or even 1000 years ago.
If we consider first basic physical needs, we need not think a lot to notice that they have evolved in the wrong direction. We certainly know better about the food components, what vitamins each food element contains, divorce what the woman human body needs and how the human body processes food, but does that make us eat better?
We certainly control ourselves better sexually. Monogamy has how to divorce a woman allowed each one to know to what family he or she belongs, but do we really live monogamy, and what about the above 50% divorce rates plus the big number of infidelities? Aren’t they an indicator that we have fooled ourselves in abiding to society rules considering them the right thing to do, but who defined these rules in the first place?
Are we better watching television every night, eating pop corn or junk food, entertaining ourselves with lots and lots of materials and still feeling the emptiness of time and of our lives, than they were at Stone Age time, sleeping at night and waking up as soon as the sun rises? Are we more secure when faced to natural disasters like inundations and earthquakes than people divorce woman were when they used to live in tents and had no buildings to fear to drop on their heads?
How do we rate our feelings, our lives and our happiness nowadays behind our work desks, or commuting each day back and forth from home to work, and getting home at night still thinking about our day work, barely staying with our small family, let alone the community to which we belong? If we compare these feelings, life quality and happiness with those of people thousands of years ago, or those of tribal people that still live in community in nature in Africa, how do they compare?
These are some of the questions that we could ask ourselves in our modern society, and we may be happy with things as they are, and of course, we do not want to go back in time, but frankly, if we analyze events and matters objectively, has the human kind evolution improved our quality of life, or has it gone in the right direction?

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