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How much would a nation change if alcohol would be banned? That is a very interesting question. If alcohol was prohibited, the myriad of negative effects and influence attributed to it would be eliminated immediately get divorce certificate india from society. So, let’s now try and picture an alcohol free America!
One of the big causes for car accidents is drinking and driving. The rate of car accidents would definitely decrease as people would engage less in risky behavior due to heavy drinking.
Another alcohol related behavior is promiscuity. Less promiscuity leads to less unwanted pregnancies, less sexually transmitted diseases, and fewer rapes. A study shows that there is a link between sexually transmitted diseases and alcohol consumption, because drunken people tend to forget to use protection. Also, teen pregnancy would definitely decrease, since there is also a strong connection between unprotected sex among teens and alcohol consumption.
If alcohol was banned in America, we would definitely see a decrease in domestic violence. Studies show that domestic violence and emotional abuse are caused divorce mainly by certificate alcohol consumption. india So, this also means a lower divorce rate, since domestic violence and emotional abuse are the causes for divorce.
Street violence is another thing that will be diminished if alcohol would be banned, because people who drink also have problems with anger management.
I left the health problems last because this is one of the most important changes. If alcohol was banned, a whole series of health problems would become less risky. For example, alcohol consumption raises the risk of cancer, especially liver cancer. People with heart problems, or people suffering from diabetes, would do better without alcohol. Even a small percent of causes for schizophrenia are due to alcohol. So what better reason for banning alcohol than improving a nation’s health?

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