Divorce Financial Worksheets

Do you suspect your husband is cheating on you? Is it more than just a hunch or gut feeling but a serious suspicion based on small clues that tell you something is wrong?Do you fear for the future of your marriage and the well being of your children and family?
If you do you should understand that there is no reason for you to be living that kind of life. There are answers. If you suspect you are the victim of a cheating husband there are quick easy and inexpensive steps you can take to get cold hard evidence. You can arm yourself with the truth and the facts and make the informed decisions necessary to move on with your life.
It’s even more serous divorce if financial worksheets you have children and a potential custody evaluation that you gather up all the evidence you can right now while the two of you are still living together.
Here are some steps you can take to get hard evidence of cheating:
1. A Online Infidelity Investigation.
This is an investigation where you hire a divorce financial worksheets PI to take your husbands email address and trace it back to secret online personal ads and dating sites. This kind of investigation can uncover escort service sites, porn addictions, extreme sexual fetishes and obsessions.
2. A computer Hard Drive Examination.
You can have the family computer examined forensically to recover divorce deleted images, financial documents, emails worksheets and browser history. This can produce evidence of cheating, hiding income, illegal or unethical activity.
3. A Cell Phone Forensic Examination.
You can have a cell phone examined to recover deleted text messages, pics, emails and voice mails. Also incoming and outgoing call logs including times and duration of calls.
These are the first steps any woman should take when they suspect their husband is betraying their trust and treating them like a fool or a door mat. This kind of evidence can be gathered and documented for later use in divorce court or in a custody battle. All of these methods are far less expensive that you might think and will actually save you money in the long run if you can avoid a long drawn out court battle.
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