Divorce And Bankruptcy In Michigan

If you are dating Chinese girls this year, you will probably be already aware of the fact that this year is the year of the dragon. The year of the dragon is the most auspicious year for Chinese people the world over. Even many Chinese girls that don’t really believe in Chinese astrology, still seem to pay attention to it, more so than any other divorce bankruptcy Chinese michigan animal year in fact.
The year of the dragon is considered a very lucky year, but does it actually have any effect on your relationship? The answer in fact is ‘yes’, no matter if you or they, actually believe in it.
For thousands of years the Chinese have regarded dragons as wise and lucky beings. Many Chinese families, more so in the past than now, named their children with the name ‘dragon’; there is even a Chinese surname that means dragon, such is the popularity of dragons in Chinese culture.
But how can the year of the dragon possibly affect you and your Chinese girlfriend? You may even comment that your Chinese girlfriend isn’t even superstitious, yet whether they believe in it or not, is not the point.
Every year of the dragon, there is a huge rise in marriages and births in mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. This is basically due to the Chinese belief that any marriage taking place in the year of the dragon will be successful and lucky. I don’t want to put a dampener on things, but the actual Chinese divorce statistics don’t seem to concur.
And how about having babies? Again, the Chinese think that a baby born in the year of the dragon will be lucky and successful. This divorce and bankruptcy in michigan is only superseded in Chinese culture if the birth mother has her child in her Chinese astrological animal year. So, a female born in the year of the rabbit that has her child in the year of the rabbit at twenty-four years of age, will believe that the child will be lucky for her in some way.
If you are a non-Chinese with a Chinese girlfriend, or on the lookout for a Chinese girlfriend, what you will find is that in the first case, you will come under some pressure to marry this year, more so than usual. If on the other hand you are looking online or elsewhere for a potential Chinese girlfriend or wife, then they will be much more eager to give you a chance this year.
This may seem ever so slightly bizarre to a westerner, but as mentioned before, it doesn’t matter if they believe in it or not; It matters that many people around them do, and if they do marry or have a baby this year, they will have gained some ‘face’. This is a Chinese concept that is divorce very deeply bankruptcy ingrained michigan in their society. For Chinese people, what other people think of them and their life is more important than their own opinion of their life.
This fact may be difficult to reconcile with your current girlfriend, but in my years of living in China, it is none the less true, as others who have spent a long time in China would agree.
My advice if you now have a Chinese girlfriend, is to not just accept any pressure they may put on you this year to marry them, unless you really want to (they can divorce bankruptcy be very michigan persuasive on this point, by the way). If you don’t have a Chinese girlfriend yet want one, then there couldn’t be a better time than now to start looking! Make sure you learn much more about Chinese culture before you do though, it’ll really help you out in the long run.

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