Children Of Divorce Taking Sides

No one gets married and has the end in mind. Divorce is not something that couples look forward to and it gets even more difficult when children are involved. Who will win custody? Will every claim in the divorce be a battle? The best you can hope for is that most things will be settled outside of court and you will not need a neutral third party dissecting your lifestyle and making decisions for your future and the future of your children. Here are a few things that a divorce attorney can help you with if you are facing separation.
Although assets and child support are part of the equation, it all comes down to the custody. Which parent will take custody and will it be a battle? For some parents the choice is obvious and no one argues who the kids will live with. For others, it is the hardest battle they will ever be a part of. There can be legal custody or physical custody of the kids. One parent may have full control of the child’s major life decisions, or both may have equal decision making rights. Life decisions, for example, would be things like what school the child will go to or what medical attention they will receive.
After custodial rights are determined, child support children will be divorce discussed. During sides this process the gross monthly income of each parent will be taken into account along with any monthly costs related to work related child care or health insurance. Other things that will be discussed under financial expenses for the minors are school bills, transportation bills, and medical expenses. Every case is different and financial support will be determined according to each individual case depending on the needs of the family. Child support only continues until the children are 18 years of age or have graduated high school-whichever happens later. If the kids attend a private school the other parent is not obligated to pay for enrollment unless they are attending that school because of special educational needs. For those with more than one child, child support decreases as each minor has turned 18 or graduated high school.
Distribution of property and debts will also be determined in the divorce process. If children divorce sides you are filing a divorce and have children, it is important to children of divorce taking sides have the help of an attorney. Not only is this for the benefit of your children, but it determines your future as well.

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