Are Amy Matt Roloff Getting Divorced

Divorce is not a fun topic of discussion between adults, let alone how difficult it is for the kids. Although the conversation will be difficult, it is very important that you explain what is happening so the children are not left out to imagine the answers on their own. Many kids are scared emotionally by divorce and it is often because the communication levels were not good enough between the parents and the kids.
When you are considering how to are amy matt roloff getting divorced tell the kids, you must first think about their ages and their maturity levels. There is no need to go in to a long, lengthy discussion with a two year old that does not understand what you are saying and that is not able to speak on their own at that point.
For younger kids you must simply amy tell matt them that roloff divorced mommy or daddy will be moving to a new home and will not be living with us anymore. Be sure to tell them that the parent that is leaving truly loves them and wants them around but that they will have their main home with the parent that will have custody.
As kids get older, they can more easily understand what love is and what it feels like. If they are constantly watching you and your spouse argue or get into fights then the atmosphere is not good and they will appreciate a break in the insanity. If you believe they are mature enough to understand what divorce is then it is a good idea to break it to them honestly.
You should tell them that the parents cannot live together any longer because they have fallen out of love. While you shouldn’t sugar coat the process, you should also be very careful not to slander your spouse in front of the kids, no matter how old they are.
They love both of their parents and they will surely resent the parent that trash talks the other in front of them. Even if your, soon to be ex, was really a terrible person and did some horrific things, the kids do not need to hear of it. You do not want to be responsible for turning a son or daughter against their parent. They will only resent you in the future.
Your kids will always have a deep love for both of their parents so talking honestly with them, when they are old enough to understand, is the best answer to anyone who is wondering how to tell their kids that their parents are getting a divorce.

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