How To Address Divorced Woman

Knowing these causes of child’s depression can help parents be aware of it. On the other hand, if a child who is suffering from anxiety and depression will discern what he is going through, it can make him realize that he must not let the past ruin his good future and will how to address divorced woman encourage him to do something to get rid of that anxiety and depression.
1) Child abuse
In this wicked world filled with cruelty address and selfishness, divorced child abuse woman is so common. The innocent child is so helpless and too young to bear such tragedy. Victims of child abuse are damaged physically, emotionally, mentally, morally and even spiritually. As they mature all of these traumatic events that happened during their childhood dominate their visions in life. Most of them will behave violently and turn to drugs and alcohol. The pains and frustrations that were engraved in their minds and hearts will cause them to think that their life is nothing but a pile of sadness and pain. They think they are strong but actually they are weak. They are not afraid to fight and hurt people but they like to be alone in the dark and even wish to die.
2) Broken family
At early age of being confuse and lost, children of divorce couple are deeply affected emotionally. Kids need love and affection from both parents. Things seem so unfair when this normal emotional longing is not satisfied. They grow up with a feeling of doubts, uncertainties and rebelliousness.
3) Unfair treatment or raise in a loveless family
In some families, parents consider one child as a favourite and the rest are secondary. This often results to jealousy and envy. Our children needs attention and they easily feel jealous when we give more attention to the others. They feel forsaken and insecure and often think they are not loved anymore.
Failure to show fair love and care to children can break their hearts and treat others hateful the way they were treated before. It’s easy to distinguish a child raised with love from a child raised with cruelty and harsh treatment. The latter is often more rebellious and trouble maker. This will develop a feeling of guilt and frustration that turns to sadness and anxiety
4) Hereditary
This has something to do with mental illness inherited from parents. Children of mentally disturbed parents often behave the same. They will feel lonely and depress for no reason at all.
These are just some of the causes why children or teens get to the point to being depress. We must then show them address love and divorced care and woman help them cope with what they are going through. They are too young to undergo all those miserable things in life. And if left untreated will ruin their whole life.

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