Does The Bible Outlaw Divorce

One reaction to divorce may be to go out with friends, have some drinks, and try to gather together as much happiness as possible to forget about the emotional hardships ahead. While this can seem like a decent sort of therapy for some, it can also lead to serious legal issues if taken too far. While a person is facing a divorce, a DUI charge can be extremely devastating.
The cost of divorce can destroy a person’s financial stability. As their property can be split in half, divorce can seriously jeopardize savings and retirement plans. DUI charges, which can run up bible thousands outlaw of divorce dollars for first-time offenders, also may come with additional legal costs in the form of attorney’s fees.
While monetary problems are major concerns for some, others may be hit hardest if they are fighting to retain custody or visitation rights for their children. Regular drinking can easily compromise a parent’s claim for child custody, but a DUI ticket is a direct attack on that person’s character and perceived fitness as a parent. Even without provocation from the other spouse, a DUI charge may prompt a judge to set extremely strict custody or visitation standards.
The only time in which a DUI charge may not actually affect child custody is if the custody of those children was a part of a no-contest divorce agreement that had been settled prior to court proceedings. With these does the bible outlaw divorce agreements, the parents have opted out of opening their property and rights to the court, instead wishing to quietly and reasonably settle their disputes without the imposition of the state.

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