Divorce Through Family Court In India

Assuming you are the one initiating the separations, there are a couple divorce strategies for men.
Being open and honest with your soon to be ex-partner is one approach. This could lead to some conflict early on, but may reduce the amount of conflicts later. Most will not try this approach however, no one wants to tip their hand. Some are also afraid that the other will stop them from getting what they want if they know.
This is the more common of divorce strategies for men. To be fair, it is the most common among women too. This involves gathering your information, but not saying anything about your plans until your day in court. Some also wait until the day they are ready to leave before handing over the divorce papers too.
Some people use a strange combination of open and closed approaches. They are very honest about wanting the divorce, and what their feelings are about it, but refuse to lay out their plans to the other. It’s probably some of the fear that keeps them from giving the other too much information.
I doubt anyone has really thought about it, but divorce really is the opposite of marriage. You don’t want to talk about everything or even express everything you are thinking or feeling to the other. In a good marriage these are cornerstones. Unfortunately, these are almost never really the cornerstones as the generations get more independent.
These are just a couple, divorce through family court in india and no matter which plan you decide; divorces are never easy.

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