Divorce Right After Marriage

It is the dream of every woman to be adored by divorce her lover marriage or husband. As a lover, your man may adore you but you may find that after the marriage, the adoration just evaporates. This is the experience of many women. In today’s world, women are more independent. They are conscious of their rights. In fact almost every woman will subscribe to the concept of feminism which means independence and liberation. But ironically, every woman craves for her man’s adoration. And if she divorce doesn’t get marriage it, she gets frustrated. Quite a few cases of divorce are based on a loveless relationship. In many cases, the loveless relationship simply means a woman not receiving intense love from her husband.
One reason why a man adores a woman when he loves her but stops adoring her after marriage is the psychological aspect of familiarity. ‘Familiarity breeds divorce contempt’ marriage may be an exaggerated statement. But it is nevertheless true that familiarity blunts the edge of love,making it blunt and lackluster. Does it mean that you can’t be a woman your man adores? Definitely not. You can be. You should realize that love is not based on physical attraction. Therefore the possibility of the decline in your physical attraction being the cause for the evaporation of love can be safely ruled out. Physical attraction and sexual expectation will have dominance only for a short while. In a lasting relationship, the intensity of love is determined by the actions and perceptions of the couple.
There are several ways to become a woman your man adores but in this article, divorce right after marriage I am going to mention just one powerful way.
Give your man what he wants: This is a profound statement and should not be understood superficially. As a person loving your man, you should care for his needs, likes and dislikes. Take care of his needs and understand his preferences. It will not be long before your man starts adoring you greatly. I am not suggesting that you should be like a servant or a slave. I am advocating a course in which you play the role of a life partner. Taking care of his needs means understanding and appreciating his needs. Many women do not bother to find out what their men’s needs are. If your husband has a weakness for forgetting things, you can gently remind him of important things. When you do this, he will start perceiving you as someone caring for his needs and doing something about fulfilling them.

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