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Horoscope matching is a very important step in India for settlement of marriages. Hindu families generally act according to the dictates of the horoscope. Manglik dosha becomes a big issue in the settlement of marriage of a girl or a boy because it is considered to be the most important parameter in match-making. Marriages, at times, get abnormally delayed due to such problems.
The placement of Mangal (Mars) in the horoscope is the main parameter for consideration of Manglik dosha. A person can be considered Manglik if in his horoscope Mars is placed in the lagna (ascendant), the fourth house, the seventh house, the eighth house or the twelfth house. Some astrologers and astrological texts consider the second house also for judging Manglik dosha.
There may be reasons why these houses have been given importance in match-making. The lagna represents the self. The placement of Mars in the lagna may make a person aggressive and violent. The second house represents kutumb (immediate family). Placement of Mars in the second house may cause problems in adjustment with the family. The fourth house is the house of comforts. Placement of Mars in the fourth house can mar family comforts. The seventh house is the house of marriage and the placement of Mars in the seventh house may create misunderstandings in marital life. The eighth house is the house of ayu (longevity) and also the suhaag bhava (house indicating longevity of marriage). Hence, placement of Mars in this house indicates danger to self as well as spouse. The twelfth house is the house of marital happiness and placement of Mars in this house divorce foreclosure is also florida not considered good.
The counting of houses should be done from the lagna, the Moon and the Venus. With so many houses and parameters involved, it becomes hard to find a horoscope without a Manglik divorce and foreclosure florida dosha. However, in case where Manglik dosha is severe i.e., when Mars is heavily afflicted with no benefic associations or aspect, Manglik dosha can cause problems in marital life.
For elaborating Manglik dosha, we have taken reference from Jatak Bharnam which happens to divorce be foreclosure florida a trusted astrological classic dealing in Vedic astrology. We have translated some of the verses of the book dealing with the effects of placement of Mars in the lagna, the second house, the fourth house, the seventh house, the eighth house and the twelfth house.
a) If Mars is placed in the lagna, the native may be prone to mental illusions, may have a diseased body, may be courageous but violent and may travel far and wide.
b) If Mars is placed in the second house, the native may be poor and may keep friendship with evil-minded people. He may be devoid of wisdom, merciless and inimical to kith and kin.
c) If Mars is placed in the fourth house, the native may have problems from friends, vehicles, fear of fall from vehicles, enhancement in body disease and general weakness.
d) If Mars is placed in the seventh house, it may cause several types of sufferings. The native may have problems from enemies, unnecessary worries, body weakness and sorrows produced by attractions to opposite sex.
e) If Mars is placed in the eighth house, the native may have eye disease, bad luck, problems due to blood-related disease and inclination for mean works. It may also cause general dullness of mind and make the person critical of holy people.
f) If Mars is placed in the twelfth house, the native may have enmity with friends, eye disease and a restless body. He may indulge in unwise expenses divorce of foreclosure florida wealth, may lose self-esteem and suffer from bondage.
People often quote the following verse showing the veracity of the Manglik dosha.
Lagne vyaye cha patale jamitre chaasthame kuje,
kanya bhartri vinashaaya bharta kanya vinaashaka
Meaning: – If Mars is in lagna, fourth house, seventh house, eighth house or divorce the twelfth foreclosure florida house of the horoscope, the spouse (husband for a girl and wife for the husband) causes the death of the spouse.
Can Mars alone cause such tragedies in marital life? Normally, it has been observed, that if Mars is without any malefic association or aspect, it may not cause havoc in marriage. Therefore, the verse cited above cannot be followed blindly. Sometimes divorce or separation may also result from Manglik dosha if the afflictions are severe.
Cancellation of Manglik dosha:-
There are some situations in which Manglik dosha gets cancelled and advice for marriage may be given.
a) If there are similar afflictions in the horoscopes of the boy and the girl, the Manglik dosha gets cancelled.
b) If one of them has Mars in the lagna, second, fourth, seventh, eighth or the twelfth house and the other has Saturn or Rahu / Ketu in the lagna, second, fourth, seventh, eighth or the twelfth house, then too, the defects get cancelled.
Reduction in Manglik dosha:-
In some cases the effects of Manglik dosha get diluted considerably if other parameters of the horoscope are matching. Marriage may be recommended on such dilutions also.
a) Benefic planets in Kendra (quadrant) and Trikona (trines) increase the happiness in marital life.
b) Malefic planets in third, sixth and the eleventh house make the horoscope strong. This helps in checking the negative factors with respect to marriage.
c) If Mars divorce is foreclosure placed in florida its own house, it generally does not spoil it. Hence, if Mars is placed in Aries or Scorpio and placed in the Manglik position as described earlier, it may not harm.
d) Aspect of Jupiter on Mars or placement of divorce Jupiter with foreclosure Mars is florida said to reduce the Manglik dosha.
e) Mars placed in conjunction with Saturn or Rahu / Ketu is said to reduce the Manglik dosha. However, this is debatable as malefic associations may multiply the problems.
It remains a point of argument whether cancellation of Manglik dosha ensures marital happiness or only prolongs the duration of unhappy married life.

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