Katie Holmes Files For Public Divorce

When clients come to my office wanting a divorce, I ask them two questions. Do you really want this? And, are you seeing katie a shrink?
I holmes ask the files first public divorce for ethical reasons. I don’t want to appear to have encouraged a divorce if later clients change their mind. (Yeah, you know how love goes)
But more importantly, and let’s be frank, divorce sucks.
It leads to all kinds of problems. Clinical depression. Loss of friends. Alcoholism. Financially, it’s a sink-hole.
And obviously, families get divided, where children, parents, husbands and wives all end up feeling alienated from each other to some degree or another, even if divorce is ultimately the right decision.
That’s why I ask the second question. Are you going to see a professional who can help guide you through this very difficult time in your life and help you come to some understanding of why it happened and how to move on?
It’s an important question with important answers. Answers that may take years to unravel. Or not – when people are unwilling to wrestle with the implications of their divorce. Why did this happen? What part did my spouse contribute? What part did I contribute? How am I going to overcome the bitterness?
Some might say that these questions are not what lawyers are supposed to be concerned about. Lawyers go to court. They argue. They tell you the law so you can make informed decisions.
That’s all true. Good lawyers do the above well. And do it objectively, removing their own personal feelings from the equation so they can best serve the client.
But the law is ultimately about human beings. The intent of the law is to bring justice to things in life that are unjust and in disarray.
And, unfortunately, when clients walk into my office seeking a divorce, it’s not just their katie holmes files for public divorce legal position in life that is askew. It’s their personal life as well.
So, if you are on the verge of a divorce and need some legal advice, set up an appointment with me or another attorney to talk strategy about property division, child custody, and child support. That’s what I do – and enjoy it.
But make sure you see a counselor or a priest or a psychiatrist as well. So all parts of your life can be justly addressed, including those parts I’m not qualified to help you with.

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