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The Possession is a horror film that was inspired by an L.A. Times article written by Leslie Gorstein back in the summer of 2004. The article concerned a dybbuk box sold on eBay that allegedly contained an evil spirit known as a dybbuk. In Jewish folklore, a dybbuk is a dislocated spirit with the ability to possess people (among other things) and the dybbuk box is something that is used to stop it. This box apparently went from person to person causing problems for anyone who owned it and was finally shut down and hidden in a secret place.
The story in The Possession follows the recently divorced Clyde Brenek (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and his family. He’s moving into his new home and he’s bringing his two young daughters over to stay for the weekend. At the suggestion of one of his daughters he stops by a nearby yard sale where they pick up a few things for the new house. He also purchases an old wooden box for his youngest daughter Em (Natasha Calis) at the yard sale.
The box is mysterious and has a unique look to it. It has strange carvings and it doesn’t appear as if it can be opened. Soon after Clyde purchases this box and it’s taken home, Em starts to change and her behavior takes an awkward and sometimes violent turn. The possession that takes place in this film is a gradual one that we see over time. The way this is done allows it to blend in with everything else, and it allows us to louisiana witness the divorce change private through investigator multiple stages.
While they take their time showing the changes and the shift in her behavior, the story has to depend on the circumstances surrounding the family that’s involved. That alone was a scary prospect after just watching another horror film that I reviewed not too long ago. That film was called The Apparition and saying that I thought lowly of it louisiana divorce private investigator would be an understatement, and it would also be disrespectful to all of the other bad movies that I don’t hold in high regard. I felt that one of the reasons why The Apparition failed was due to the fact that the creators didn’t appear to know how to make a PG-13 horror film. They used a slow build up, but there was no actual story during this time and the build up to the events in general were terrible.
The Possession doesn’t really have that problem to deal with, because it looks like they realized the importance of having a story of some sort to stand in while everything else is coming together in the background. While we wait for louisiana the potential divorce terror to private ensue, investigator we get to learn about this recently broken family and what they’re going through at the time. This allows for the movie to have some kind of purpose and it gives the characters something to do while the inevitable possession is slowly taking place.
Approaching the movie in this way makes things watchable and keeps the audience busy while we’re waiting for the possession to kick into full gear. It also gives us a chance to learn about the characters and also look at how some people view and come to terms with divorce. Director Ole Bornedal wanted to tell that part of story the most. He felt that it was important to talk about the toll that divorce could put on a family and speak about the sadness that it involves.
From my view point, this gives the film a more louisiana divorce private authentic investigator feel to it and it makes it more complete, because the characters are more like actual people rather than caricatures that are only there to further the horror elements of the film. The actors have legitimate roles here and put on some quality performances that help improve the movie. That’s especially true for the young Natasha Calis, who portrays the embattled eleven year old Em.
Is The Possession really based on a true story? Somewhat. The opening scenes involving an old woman and the buying of the box at a yard sale supposedly are, but the rest of it comes from the minds of director Ole Bornedal and scriptwriters Juliette Snowden and Stiles White. Regardless of how true it may or may not be, The Possession is reasonably entertaining and is safe enough for youngsters who want to watch something that they might view as scary. It certainly shows that with a little effort, one can make a PG-13 horror flick in this day and age without completely stripping it down.
Score: 3/5
Rating: PG-13
Director: Ole Bornedal
Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Kyra Sedgwick
Natasha Calis
Madison Davenport
Grant Show
Film Length: 91 minutes
Release Date: August 31, 2012
Distributor: Lionsgate Films

Grieving Divorce Kids

Divorce is a difficult decision to make for any couple no matter what the circumstances may be. Divorce lawyers do not always make it any easier because their purpose is to take care of their client. However, it is also important to understand the importance of hiring a lawyer with expertise in the laws governing divorce. It is not enough to hire just any family lawyer-you need a grieving divorce lawyer, divorce kids preferably one that has been practicing for a good many years. While it is true that everyone must obtain experience through practice, you need to protect yourself from making wrong choices or receiving bad advice.
While it is not always true, you will find that many family lawyers have their own specialties. Some of the cases that involve family law include the following:
• Child support
• Custody
• Visitation
• grieving divorce kids Wills and inheritance
• Monitoring and administration of estates and trust funds
• Divorce and separation
• Real estate
• Bankruptcy
As you can see from the above list, there is more to family law than divorce, so you need to make sure to choose a lawyer who has expertise specifically in divorce. While child support, custody and visitation often accompany divorce, they can also be separate petitions that accompany the breakup of a relationship where children are involved. Thus, you should never assume a good family lawyer is always the best divorce lawyer.
There are several steps you need to follow in order to determine if a particular family lawyer has expertise as a divorce lawyer.
• Talk to his or her office staff-they are the best ones to know what kinds of cases the lawyer has on the calendar.
• Schedule a consultation and view the books that are on the shelves in the lawyer’s office-almost all lawyers have reference books that are directly grieving related to divorce their kids areas of expertise.
• Ask for references for other clients the lawyer has represented
• Review the kinds of cases that are on the court’s dockets for that lawyer
Is expertise that important in divorce? Lawyers have experience in the courtroom and as such can handle all cases, right? That is not necessarily so as we have indicated above. If you don’t hire a divorce lawyer, it is possible you will come out of the divorce with far less than the amount to which you are entitled. This is especially true in the case of a contested divorce, and in most cases the spouse that is contesting the divorce will hire the best divorce lawyer he or she can afford in order to make sure they come out smelling like a rose.
Always speak with experienced divorce lawyers and choose someone you feel grieving comfortable divorce hiring. kids Remember, the lawyer you choose will help you not only obtain a divorce but will be there to help make sure you receive an equitable settlement as well. The best thing you can do for yourself is take the time to research several divorce lawyers before you make a final decision.

Peace Talks Divorce Mediation

If you want to peace save your talks marriage, I divorce mediation first must say that I commend you on that. Marriages are holy bonds that are meant to unite two people until eternity. Unfortunately, it’s much easier to just say that things aren’t going well, and simply walk out of the marriage. The building blocks of a unified nation and world are marriages – so I congratulate you on not taking the easy path to divorce and trying to save your marriage. I have been in this exact situation.
When my husband made it clear to me that he wanted a divorce, I was utterly shocked – even if I had seen it coming. He didn’t care about me any more. But I loved him so much, and yeah – this marriage had its share of problems but I loved it still, and I really wanted to save my marriage. Out of desperation, I said: Do not do this, George! I love you so much. Do not end our marriage! I know the problems, and they won’t happen again!
Yes, outright begging, it was. And did it accomplish anything? No. All those tears I cried with him seeing, what was their use? Nothing. My husband was clearly fed up with me.
The key in saving a marriage is going against the flow. When you see your marriage failing, and a divorce approaching, you go desperate. Like I was. And when you are desperate, your instincts (the flow) will tell you to do desperate things like begging, crying etc; to save your marriage. I have been there, and I want to tell you that if you want to save your marriage, you should go against the flow; and try following some outside advice. Right now, you are doing exactly that (by reading this article), so you’re on the peace talks divorce mediation right path. You should always remember that your instincts and emotions will never save your marriage.

Act Divorced Federal Spouse

People are able to beat the odds all the time on many different kinds of things.
Relationships after divorce are no exception, especially divorced when one federal half of spouse the couple has recently been through a divorce proceeding.
What does divorce have to do with predicting the success of a relationship between two individuals?
Divorce statistics cite that those who already have a marital dissolution under their belts are fifty percent more likely to endure the same relationship problems with a new partner.
Does this mean that all relationships entered into after divorce are therefore doomed from the start, having no chance whatsoever at making it unless the parties accept that they will have more to contend with than two people who have never before been married and divorced?
As the age old proverb goes, slow and steady wins the race.
To put it another way, taking it slow and understanding that there is a transitional period between divorce and beginning anew with someone else serves to help foster a stronger bond within the new relationship thus giving it a better chance at being successful.
A time line exists within the relationship realm that when followed can do wonders for the victory of the new couple in overcoming the hurdles that a marital divorced dissolution in federal the spouse past can present.
Giving oneself an adequate amount of time to accept the loss of the marriage is one of the most important divorce tips of which to take heed – as doing so lessens the chance of resentment toward the opposite sex that is left over from the events taking place during divorce.
Remembering the good times is a proven method of decreasing the bad feelings associated with the end of the marital union. Smiling over the fun memories also helps the spouses to heal in a more positive fashion, thus creating less of a challenge in making their next relationships work well.
It is too easy to quickly fall in love with a new partner and consider that person the answer to all of one’s life dreams – a tactic which will only backfire in the end if the transitional period between terminating one relationship and starting again with a new partner is not taken seriously.
One way to avoid the pitfalls of moving too fast in the realm of romance is to take the time to tie up loose ends in spouse relationships after the divorce is final.
To illustrate, there are those times when one spouse still has not moved all of his or her belongings out of the marital residence despite the fact that the divorce paperwork has been signed by the judge and the two parties no longer belong to the married category. Not only does the act of leaving things behind confuse any minor children of the marriage, but it also signals that the relationship is not truly over – which is something a new romantic partner should not have to contend with when dating a recently divorced individual.
Similarly, a constant series of phone calls between the two ex spouses is a guarantee that a relationship prospect will move on the next person faster than the blink of an eye. Besides the unfairness to a new partner that this communication is taking place, it is another overt warning that the person he or she is interested in has not wrapped up the prior relationship and is hence not yet ready to begin anew with someone else.
Prematurely starting a relationship after divorce is oftentimes perceived by outsiders and insiders divorced federal spouse alike as that spouse attempting to get some sort of revenge on his or her prior marital partner. And whether or not this is the reality of the situation, a potential new dating opportunity will disappear if it even comes at all.
What are the other consequences of rushing into a new union before the dust has had its time to settle?
Comparing the next set of people in the dating pool to one’s ex act divorced federal spouse spouse is a mistake made by many who choose not to wait until they are truly geared up to start over again in the department of romance. Engaging in this type of behavior is a precursor to grouping all potential mates into a single lump category, which is just one more prediction of continual failure in a person’s romances after divorce.
Divorce has often been compared to the death of a loved one, and rightfully so since a marital dissolution does signify the end of a life as the two spouses who once spent divorced time federal spouse and energy building their common existence together now have to go their separate ways.
As challenging as though it may seem to step into the dating divorced federal spouse scene again after a marriage has run its course, adhering to the principle of letting time heal wounds is a key that opens the door to successful future relationships.

Effects Divorce Middle Childhood Children

I have heard that Christian Couples who pray together and study scripture every day are less likely to divorce that those who do not. In fact the divorce rate for this sector of the population is reported effects to divorce middle be childhood children 2%. A study was conducted in 2006 by George Barna to determine the divorce rate across various denominations in the church world.
The results of that survey are very controversial among Christians. Mr. Barna concluded that across dominations the divorce statistics range from 21% to 34%. Other studies also conclude that the national divorce rate is about 50%. While the statistics reflect that it is likely that Christians are doing a little better than the rest of the world, they still fall short of the glory of God.
Biblical effects divorce middle childhood children scripture reflects that when He was questioned on the topic of divorce Jesus provided a very narrow guideline for divorce. Twice in the gospel of Matthew He said, I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, except for marital unfaithfulness and marries another woman commits adultery. Thus if you are a Christian who has a strong commitment to Holy Scripture, and you find yourself in a bad marriage you must reckon with that scripture. From a Christian viewpoint divorce is considered to be less than ideal. Mere opinions on the subject range from the belief that it is universally wrong to the notion that it is without a doubt inevitable at times.
The topic could be argued and won from either viewpoint. In this article I would like to focus on the viewpoint that there are times that divorce among Christians can be inevitable. There are opinions within society and within the Church world that just because born again Christians enter into a marital covenant to love and obey, until death do they part, effects that divorce they can middle and childhood will children withstand any hardship that they face in marriage for the sake of their Christian commitment. Unfortunately statistics and reality do not verify this belief. Just because a person is a born again believer does not mean that they have advanced relationship skills that will allow them to weather any storm that they will face in marriage.
Consider abuse in any form that occurs in a marriage. Whether it is physical, emotional, verbal, or sexual, abuse is the most destructive force that can be used against another person. It is particularly heinous in the marital relationship where effects divorce vows middle childhood to love children honor and obey have been made before God. Simply put, abuse distorts a person’s viewpoint on many different levels and it robs them of their ability to function and fulfill their God-given purpose in life. If the abuse is physical, the lives of the victim as well as the lives of any children that might be in home, are at risk to serious physical and emotional harm and even death.
Scriptural law is very clear. Jesus has a high regard for the institution of marriage. In fact it is said that He hates divorce. I would like to speculate that He also hates uncontrolled anger when it is unleashed against innocent women or men and children. It can also be inferred that He hates slothful men and women who refuse to work and do not provide for their family. He clearly said that such individuals are worse than infidels.
Clearly it is honorable to move through such situations in a Christian and Biblical manner rather than throwing in the towel when things become uncomfortable. It is honorable to seek help and support from family members, the Church, and through Christian counsel. It is honorable to seek God in prayer and to intercede for the soul of your mate and the life of the marriage.
It is also evident that there will come a time when it is clear that change will not happen in a timely manner and sometimes not at all. It becomes clear that the threat to the abused partner and the family is too great and to continue in the marriage will put everyone at risk. There comes a time that it is time to end the marriage.
It should be considered that even though the Lord hates divorce, marriage is still an institution. The Lord loves the people in the marriage, both the abuser and the victim(s). It is my opinion that the end of a destructive marriage is not a bad thing. While it is difficult, it is the end of a relationship that has gone bad and that has been determined to beyond help. Jesus came to set the captives free. When a victim is set free from a life of overbearing marital pain, it can be considered a new beginning. Their freedom will allow them to pursue and fulfill their God-given purpose. As for the victim, separation from the victim forces them to face their own lives and actions and in some cases to find help to set their lives back on a more productive track.

Female Divorce Attorneys Dallas Tx

You know you’ve had a panic attack is you suddenly felt anxiety combined with extreme fear along with strong heartbeats and difficulty breathing. You might have also broke out into a sweat or trembled. Their exact causes are not known but these are the classic symptoms of a panic attack. You might have had the episode because of some place you went to, some person you saw, some event that took place somewhere or a combination of these causes. You might have also had them because of some physical condition you have.
You might be more prone to these bouts if one or both of your parents or grandparents used to have them. Experts believe there could be a genetic link. But it’s also true that you could still have this condition even if none of your parents or grandparents were affected. Another possible cause is if you’re related to someone suffering from depression.
If you have actual physical abnormality in the brain it is also treated as another possible cause of panic attacks. If you already suffered from some form of psychotic disorder, you may go through these bouts of fear. If you’ve gone through post traumatic stress disorder there is a likelihood of these attacks happening. You’re also likely to go through attacks if you’ve suffered from schizophrenia.
Sometimes your body’s natural fight or flight response to danger is triggered and causes panic attacks. Although this system is normal when there is real and present danger, in the case of panic attacks you may go through the same process without there being a real reason to do so. This set of mental and physical reactions that are supposed to protect you from female divorce attorneys dallas tx danger sometimes malfunctions and causes attacks.
If someone you love or a very close family member dies it may cause attacks. Your grief may sometimes trigger the same reactions in your body as it would when going through attacks. Emotional stress caused by events like divorce may also cause them for some people. These are known as major life stress events.
If you have an addiction problem it might be another reason you have panic attacks. Intoxication from drugs or alcohol can sometimes cause female them. On divorce the attorneys flip dallas side, tx even withdrawal from such substances can cause them to happen. If you’re a smoker and try to kick the habit, you might get attacks when the withdrawal pangs start hitting you.
You should also know that sometimes you can mistake one thing for another and bring an attack upon yourself. Suppose you took some medicine which caused your heart to beat faster. You could easily mistake that for the beginning of an attack and the resultant fear of the attack could bring you down to another level and make things worse by bringing in a full-blown attack.

Wife Divorce Benny Hinn

Are you looking for a fast and easy method to stop your divorce after you’ve been caught cheating? It isn’t always easy to hit the breaks once wife proceedings divorce begin but benny there hinn is no hard and fast rule that says you can’t turn back the hands of time and work to save your marriage. Most judges, if it wife divorce benny hinn comes down to it, will err on the side of saving the marriage whenever possible. But what can you do to help the process before you get to that point?
Stop Your Divorce in an Instant
Wouldn’t it be nice if wishing could make it so? It isn’t exactly that simple but there are simple solutions that can be combined in order to put an almost instant stop to all your husband’s efforts to get a divorce. Are you willing to do whatever it takes to stop your divorce and save your marriage once and for all?
That’s great! The good news is that it really won’t take all that much. Here is one quick fix that is sure to put your marriage on the fast track to a happy ending once again. Do you have what it takes to make it happen? I’m POSITIVE you do. I believe in you!
Make your husband BELIEVE that a second chance is his idea!
Ingenious, right?
So, how do you make that happen?
You’ve probably had many arguments throughout your marriage where you wanted your husband to wife do divorce something benny but hinn the more you tried to get him to do it, even if it was something he knew needed to be done, the harder the rebelled against the idea of doing it. It happens in the best of marriages. The more you squawked the more he balked at the idea of doing it.
You know exactly how ineffective it is to push, prod, and poke once he digs in and makes up his mind about something. If you’ve learned a few important lessons along the way you’ve probably learned the importance of convincing your husband that something was his idea in order to get him to act on it right away.
How do you make him believe that a second chance is his idea? By making him remember all the reasons he fell in love with you in the first place. Don’t ask, plead, or beg for another chance or even to start over. Just work to remind him of all the ways you flirt, flatter, make him feel better about himself, and are a joy to be around. Let him see you at your best so he can remember just how good things can be between the two of you and decide on his own that maybe it’s better to stop your divorce after cheating for now and see if you can work together to save your marriage.

How To Get Alimony In A Divorce In Texas

Divorce does not need to be the big, long, drawn out battles that are often portrayed as being the norm. There is a way to end your marriage quietly and still keep your dignity and your money. It?s called uncontested divorce. While it may not work for everyone, it is probably the best way for several reasons.
The low cost of an uncontested divorce is a great advantage. This leaves your money free to live on after the divorce or to use in raising your children. An uncontested divorce also keeps the level of conflict low and any negotiations private.
If all you?re interested in doing is raking your spouse over the coals and milking him for every alimony divorce penny he?s texas worth, then an uncontested divorce is probably not for you. Also in cases where domestic violence has played a role in the ending of the marriage, negotiating reasonably is usually not possible.
Once you?ve decided whether an uncontested divorce is the best option for you, then one of the spouses should find a lawyer. You cannot ethically have the same one, but you both do not have to have a lawyer. Typically, the one with the most needs should be represented. The one who is being represented will need to meet with his/her lawyer to discuss what the key issues involved in the divorce are and what options are available. Once the documents are prepared, they are then shared with the spouse and negotiations are made. Any changes must be agreed upon by both parties. The faster agreements are reached the quicker the divorce can take place. Once any changes have been finalized, both parties how to get alimony in a divorce in texas sign and each is given a copy of the paperwork. No court appearances are necessary.
For the individual who is not being represented by a lawyer, you can have a ?coach? available to look over the paperwork and make sure everything is in order. They can inform you of your options and ask pertinent questions to make sure you are getting everything you need out of the divorce. This way you should not feel taken advantage of.
While uncontested divorces are the least expensive method of divorce, the cost can vary quite widely. Some lawyers charge as much as $1,200, while others as low as $90. Keep in mind that the cheaper amount you pay, the less personalized attention you will receive. Those attorneys charging minuscule amounts have a very high client load which is why they can afford to charge so little. So be prepared to wait. If large amounts of money, significant assets, or children are involved, some may charge an additional fee.
So, if you and your spouse are in agreement and wish to resolve your divorce peaceably you could be divorced in as little as 30 days for less than $100. Each state has certain requirements that must be met, so get informed as to what you will need to do to get the process started.
Book Net USA has been on the internet since 1999 and has served over 1,000,000 customers with their legal needs. Our do-it-yourself divorce kit comes with step-by-step instructions and a 1-800 help line for assistance if needed. http://www.booknetusa.com

Trial Separation Instead Of Divorce

One of the most common questions that I get on my blog is how can I make my husband change his mind about divorcing me? This is a loaded question, of course. The answer is going to be different depending upon what is causing your husband to want to divorce you in the first place. However, I do find that there are some common strategies among wives who are successful in getting their husband to change his mind trial about saving separation their divorce marriage. So in the following article, I’m going to discuss what I believe are some of the right and wrong ways to try to accomplish this.
What You Don’t Want To Do When You’re Trying To Get Your Husband To Decide He Doesn’t Want To Divorce You After All: Before I tell you what I think are some of the best strategies in getting him to change his mind, I want to cover what I almost never see work so that you will hopefully avoid these things.
First and most importantly, you don’t want to rely upon negativity in any form. What this means is that if you try to make him feel trial negative separation divorce emotions like pity, guilt, fear, or shame, you are less likely to have long term success. So you don’t want to tell your husband that he is an awful and selfish person to leave his family. You don’t want to threaten to take half of every financial asset that he has. You don’t want to tell him that no one else will love and understand him in the way that you do. Don’t insinuate that you will refuse to give him a divorce or fight him every step of the way.
I know that sometimes these strategies might feel like all you have left. So it’s tempting to think that anything is worth a try if it means getting him back. But these tactics will often only make him want to divorce you with more intensity and speed. He will want to get away from you more quickly because you’re making him feel negatively about trial himself or separation his situation. divorce The real key in making him change his mind about the divorce is to get him to feel better (not worse) about you, your marriage, and your situation, which leads me to the next point.
Understand What It Really Takes To Get Your Husband To Change His Mind About The Divorce: Instead of trying truly desperate measures to get him to change his mind, you need to understand what it really takes. He has to come to realize that he was wrong about his perceptions regarding your marriage and you. Or, he needs to come to believe that those true things that he believed have now changed somehow. It’s up to decide to decide which strategy is the most realistic for you and easiest to accomplish.
For example, let’s say, just for the sake of argument, that you cheated on him but are now beyond sorry. There is really no way to flip this to make him realize that his perceptions about the cheating were wrong or inaccurate. The facts are right in front of him and they are undeniable. So you really can’t change his perceptions about your cheating. But you may have a chance of successfully convincing him of something else.
Perhaps you can show him changes and improvements that you have made to yourself so that he can feel more comfortable changing his belief that your trial separation marriage can divorce not be saved after the infidelity. Do you see the difference? You’re not trying to change his mind about the infidelity because you can’t really argue that point. But, you’re trying to change his mind about the future of your marriage. And the easiest way to do that is to show him real and profound changes in you so that he thinks more favorably about being married to the new and improved you.
Here’s another example. Sometimes, husbands will want a divorce because they think the love and the spark are gone. However, you may know this is not entirely true. You may look at your marriage and have your own theories. Perhaps you think that the stress your husband is under is clouding his perceptions of you, your marriage, and his life. Or maybe you think that some of his friends and family members are unduly influencing him. In this scenario, you are probably better off trial separation instead of divorce trying to change his perceptions about the circumstances that surround your marriage.
In a situation like this, your job is to take a step back and figure out the best way to make him see that he’s just wrong. Perhaps the best way to do this is to stop focusing on what is wrong and to start focusing on what is right. Maybe you need to show him rather than tell him that you absolutely can still connect on a physical level. Whatever it is that is clouding his perceptions about you and the marriage needs to be removed in the most genuine way possible
Make Sure That Whatever Strategy You Chose Comes Off As Natural And Not As A Desperate, Last Effort Move That Is In Your Best Interest Rather Than His: When you decide on your strategy, it’s trial separation important divorce to also think very carefully about how you are going to carry it out. The worst thing that you can do is to make it very obvious that you are only trying to manipulate your husband for your own gain.
Don’t attempt any strategy that you can not pull off as genuine. This is so important. trial separation divorce If you skip this step and your husband thinks you’re only play acting or thinking of your own objectives, then you might actually make things worse. Always navigate toward acting in a way that is healthy and beneficial for both of you. At the end of the day, you want to be happily married in a very mutual and healthy relationship.
So, don’t do anything that might jeopardize this. Remember that if your husband understands that you really do want for him to be happy with his life, he is much more likely to respond favorably to you than if he suspects that you’re only thinking about yourself and your desire to change his mind about the divorce.

How To Write Divorce Petition

Is a coaching program hard to develop? Do I need to be an online guru, or have years write or divorce experience petition or hundreds of clients to help other people succeed? Does my life have to be perfect to be a coach, teacher or trainer. or can I be growing and developing myself on the job? In this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at how to not only create your first coaching program this month, but we’ll look at some of common question and misconceptions about becoming a successful coach to boot. Curious to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below!
How do I create my first coaching program without a lot write divorce petition of experience or expertise?
Very simple. I don’t care whether you are a diet coach, a dating advisor, a divorce counselor or a diving instructor. if you want to create an online oriented coaching or training program the steps are the same. Here is the very abbreviated, but accurate business blueprint for building a coaching curriculum
– Create an outline or overview of everything you know in your niche
– Describe, detail and document each area of your expertise and answer common questions people have in your industry
– Write or record the questions and the answers you outlined above
– Use the resulting product as either a stand alone offer, or use it as an inducement to demonstrate your expertise and niche knowledge, which builds a bridge to your primary offer. (in other words, let the depth and breadth of the above either sell you, or sell it yourself as stand alone coaching course)
Does my life have to be perfect to coach?
Absolutely not. No one is perfect, and it’s not hypocritical to want to offer coaching or consulting services if your life is not exactly where you’d like it to be right now. As a matter of fact, in my view, this is one of the great tragedies of the modern coaching movement: People who have great intentions, integrity and CAN inspire thousands of folks how to write divorce petition to improve their lives are often waiting for the perfect movement in their own lives to share their gifts. as they don’t feel authentic otherwise. (while people with LESS scruples are often selling silly services to YOUR ideal audience)
I heard a great quote from a very successful and well known spiritual coach and advisor a few months ago, when explaining some of his own personal failures, and it’s well worth repeating here:
Our charge is often to share those things that we most need to learn ourselves
What do I do once my coaching program is created? How do I sell it?
Seth Godin, the famous marketer, author and speaker used to talk a lot about finding your tribe. I believe in the very same thing. but in this day and age, it’s far easier. and much more akin to finding, leading and contributing to a community of people who share your interests, but don’t have your experience or expertise.
My marketing model goes like this:
Use CONTENT (like this article, for example) to build your community
Develop real rapport, relationship write and connection divorce with petition your community through continuous conversation and contribution
Share your CURRICULUM (your coaching program) with your community and let THEM self identify as your ideal customers and clients. (a small percentage always will!)
Remember, all of this can be built with blogs, social networking and free tools. You don’t need to be a guru, you don’t need to be pushy, overly aggressive, obnoxious or unethical to do amazingly well, and I hope you apply all of this in YOUR business and see for yourself!