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Hard Line Approach
As a practicing criminal defense attorney, I often receive calls from individuals who have either been arrested for domestic battery, or from the victim of domestic battery calling on behalf of the arrested person. More often than not, if it is the victim they tell me that they didn’t want the police to actually make an arrest. However, once that call is made to law enforcement regarding a domestic violence incident, usually someone toronto is star going to mccain jail. Florida divorce Law specifically states that domestic violence shall be treated as a criminal act rather than a private matter. As a result, during a domestic battery incident, from the very first contact with law enforcement; there is a pro-prosecution mentality even if the alleged victim does not want to cooperate in the prosecution. Obviously, the reasoning behind this position is the State’s public interest in protecting the victim of domestic battery. In addition to the overall pro-prosecution mentality of law enforcement and the State Attorney’s Office, there are additional laws which effectively treat a domestic violence case differently than any other crime.
Not Entitled to a Bond Until You Appear Before a Judge
Once arrested, unlike most other crimes, you will not be able to post a bond and get out of jail until you appear before a judge. So what that means is that if you are arrested for a domestic violence offense, you will sit in jail until you are your first appearance hearing. Here in Pinellas County, for instance, if you are arrested for a felony charge, you will not even get in front of a judge until the afternoon. Often times, as a condition of bond, you are not allowed to have contact with the alleged victim or their place of residence, even if the arrested person owns the residence.
The State Attorney Makes the Decision Whether to Prosecute
Truth be told, the State Attorney makes the decision whether to prosecute a case in every instance. However, in a garden variety crime, such as theft or a simple battery, under most circumstances, if the victim doesn’t want the State to prosecute toronto star then usually mccain divorce that case is dropped. That is usually NOT the case when it comes to toronto star mccain divorce prosecuting domestic battery cases. If the alleged victim does not want the case prosecuted, or is actually refusing to cooperate with the prosecution, if the State Attorney believes there is sufficient evidence to proceed, they will do so.
Serious Consequences and Penalties
Cannot Seal or Expunge a Domestic Violence Case Resolved with a Guilty or No Contest Plea
Like just about everything else involving domestic violence cases, entering a plea to any charge labeled as domestic violence carries potentially serious consequences down the road. These consequences may not be readily apparent at the time of the plea. For instance, I have seen as a former prosecutor and now as a defense attorney, people in jail at the first appearance hearing after they have spent a night in jail on a simple misdemeanor domestic battery arrest. Perhaps it is their first arrest ever. They are scared; perhaps hungry; have no money with them at that moment, and all they want to do is get out of jail. It is at this point that the judge offers to withhold adjudication and put them on probation. The person is told that they are not convicted. The arrested person changes his plea to the charge and gets out of jail. Well what just happened? That arrest offense will NEVER come off of your record. Under Florida Law, any disposition of a domestic violence case which involves a guilty or no contest plea, even if adjudication is withheld, CANNOT be sealed or expunged. I have had numerous calls from people trying to seal or expunge a case where they were arrested for domestic battery and pled to it without consulting with an attorney only to learn later that this arrest will remain on their record forever. This type toronto star mccain of arrest divorce or charge can seriously impact someone looking for employment toronto star mccain divorce or for those looking to advance in their current employment.
Stringent Probation Requirements
If you change your plea to an offense involving domestic violence, Florida Law requires that the offender successfully enter into and complete of family violence counseling which usually takes six months to complete. Your sentence may also include provisions such as no contact with the victim, alcohol evaluation and treatment, psychological evaluation and treatment, and restitution.
Jail or Prison
Some instances, depending on the facts alleged or the prior record of the arrested person, may lead to increased jail time or enhanced penalties such as:
If a person is convicted of Domestic Violence with Bodily Harm you are facing a minimum of 5 days in the county jail.
If convicted of Aggravated Domestic Battery, even without any prior criminal record, you are facing a mandatory state prison sentence under the State Criminal Punishment Code and possibly as much as 15 years in prison.
Florida Law states that if a person has a previous conviction for domestic battery, even if there was a withhold of adjudication, a subsequent conviction for an act of domestic battery can be charged as a felony with a maximum penalty of up to 5 years in prison.
Impact on Divorce and Custody Cases
An arrest or conviction for domestic violence can be used to your detriment in a subsequent or toronto star mccain pending divorce divorce matter with the alleged victim especially if there are children in the home and they have witnessed the alleged acts of domestic violence.
Impact on the Ownership, Use, or Possession of Firearms
Florida Law requires the suspension of your concealed weapons permit if you are arrested for an act of domestic violence.
FEDERAL LAW prohibits a person convicted of an act of domestic violence from using, owning or possessing a firearm.
Once the phone call is made to law enforcement for a domestic violence case, Florida Law is going to take over and these cases are not taken lightly. If you are arrested for any act of domestic violence you should take it as seriously as the State of Florida.

Can I Undo My Divorce

Josh, undo divorce a 59-year-old American and a well-off businessperson, has been divorced from his wife for 3 years. The divorce was a painful one. Although his wife got half a percent of his material assets, he is still a wealthy man by American standards. Two and a half years ago, Josh made plans to get back into the dating game, hoping to find a decent wife with whom to can i undo my divorce share the rest of his life. Nonetheless, in the end, things got very nasty.
Josh signed up with three online dating sites. He looked at around 200 young women from many countries around the undo globe. From divorce his list, he selected 90 profiles and was given their names, telephone numbers, and email addresses. A month and a half into his online communications with these women, he reduced the list to just seven candidates. He decided to keep just one candidate as a possible wife.
He arranged to visit the pen pals he selected in one country only. Josh planned to spend 7 days on each island. The following names of his pen pals are fictitious. He first met Marcia, aged 20. After about 40 minutes of chatting, they were off to lunch. The next day, he met his second pen pal, 22-year-old Paulina, in a nearby restaurant. The following day, he invited Andria, 25, to his hotel where they chatted for an hour, after which they had lunch together.
Of these three young women, Josh concluded that Andria was to be his next wife because of the chemistry they had, the manner in which she expressed herself, and her knowledge undo of Western divorce culture. He then arranged to meet her parents in a provincial town. From the capital city, they traveled by plane and spent 2 nights and 3 undo days. divorce Andria introduced Josh to her parents, who were eager to meet the Westerner who had his eyes on their daughter. She spent the night at her parents’ home, while Josh stayed at a nearby hotel.
On the second night, they threw an engagement party, attended by the entire family. A year later, Andria joined Josh in the United States, where they got married within a month of her arrival. What Josh did not know what that his wife had a secret agenda. She had information from one of her friends in the United States who had married an American. Right after her friend received her residency document, she divorced her husband on the basis of physical and mental abuse. She ended up getting half of what her husband owned, including several cars, businesses, rental houses, private houses, boats, and bank accounts.
After receiving her green card from the US Immigration Bureau, Andrea changed her behavior from that of a sweet and caring wife to one who did not care. She stopped attending to her husband’s needs and refused to cooperate with him. He became frustrated and angry at what had become a hellish situation. One day, as they were quarrelling, Andria hit her husband (whether it was intentional is not known). A fight ensued. She knocked her head against the edge of the dining room table, her face hit the glass coffee table, which splattered blood all over the living room, and she lost undo two of divorce her front teeth.
Within three days of the brouhaha, she contacted her lawyer. She divorced her husband on the grounds of physical abuse. Just like her friend, she ended up taking her husband to the laundry with the help of her perceptive lawyer.
Although it can be difficult to foresee if the woman you intend to marry will take you to the laundry, but there are signs you should pay attention to. For instance, find out whether she adores money more than anything else. If you detect that her thoughts revolve around wealth and other material possessions, then you might get something to think about before you say yes, I do.

Family Court Australia Divorce Filing Fee

In Part I of this series on key discovery concepts, we presented the basic steps involved in most divorce cases. We also described some of the disclosures required by the Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure (ARFLP). In this article, we’ll introduce a few more discovery tools. Namely interrogatories, depositions, requests for production, and requests for admission.
Tool of Discovery: Interrogatories
Simply stated, interrogatories are written questions served on the other party. There are uniform and non-uniform interrogatories. Uniform interrogatories are in court-approved form, for general use in any case. Questions specific to a particular case, outside the scope of the standard form, are non-uniform interrogatories. The parties send one another these written questions family court to australia be divorce filing answered. fee An interrogatory may be objected to, for example when the question is asking for undiscoverable privileged information.
Why Do We Use Interrogatories?
Interrogatories help the parties focus on factual information and help establish the validity of documents. These questions are tailored to ask for very specific, factual information to avoid overly vague or incomplete answers. Interrogatories help collect each party’s statistics, financial details, employment history and income, criminal arrest or conviction details, and the like. Besides the primary function of finding out information, the answers to the interrogatories can be read in court as admissions by the answering party.
Each party must answer the questions in writing truthfully under oath. As a very useful discovery family court australia divorce filing fee tool, interrogatories are used along with depositions, discussed below. The primary difference being that, unlike depositions, only parties in the case answer interrogatories.
Tool of Discovery: Depositions
In a deposition, the witness is required to appear at a specified location for the purpose of providing information regarding some matter in the litigation. Unlike the interrogatory, the deposition may also be used for third parties. It is possible to compel the witness to bring along documents or other items to the deposition. The deposition may be introduced at trial to impeach that witness with any inconsistent statements that he or she made.
What Happens When the Opposing Party is Deposed?
Oath.At the deposition, the opposing party appears with counsel, is placed under oath, and is asked questions by the attorney for the party seeking the testimony. Although depositions are usually oral, they may sometimes be written. They may even be video recorded.
Objections. The deposed party’s attorney can’t coach the witness, but may properly object to any questions that are posed to the witness.
Court Reporter.A record of the deposition must be made for evidentiary purposes. Usually, a court reporter is there to record the questions asked, the answers given, and any objections made. An official deposition transcript is then prepared. The deposed party witness has an opportunity to review the transcript and make corrections.
Tool of Discovery: Request for Production
The request for production of documents and things, and entry upon land for inspection and other purposes, is a very powerful discovery tool. Essentially, requests can be made for anything in the possession or control of a party upon whom the request is made. A request for production allows one party to request that the opposing party produce tangible evidence for the purpose of inspection and copying, and much more.
The request for production may permit the requesting party to enter the property to inspect the premises.Again, the party receiving the request may file an appropriate objection. For example, objecting because the documents requested are not relevant to the family law case.
Tool of Discovery: Request for Admission
The request for admission of facts is also served on the opposing party in the divorce case. The request for admission sets forth statements that the receiving party must admit, deny, or object to. The party responding to the request for admission has to make reasonable inquiries into the information that is known to, or readily obtainable by, him or her. When the receiving party does not respond to a request for admission – that is, offers no admission, no denial, and no objection – then the statement is deemed admitted. Whenever a statement is admitted to, it may be used as evidence in the trial.
How Are Discovery Requests Enforced?
The subpoena orders a person to appear, testify, produce and family permit court inspection, australia divorce copying, filing fee testing, sampling, and so on, of tangible things in the possession, custody, or control of that person. The subpoena may order the person to permit inspection of the premises, at a specified time and place.
A party and the party’s attorney may be sanctioned by the court for failing to comply or respond to a discovery request. They may be held in contempt for failure to obey orders and sanctioned at the court’s discretion for engaging in conduct that was abusive, groundless, obstructionist, or unreasonable. Any refusal to comply with a discovery request can have serious consequences.

Steps To Getting A Divorce In California

There are many ways that you can get into financial trouble. Living over your means, losing your job, getting ill, or going through a divorce can all cause financial devastation and leave you wondering what to do.
While you can often get yourself out of credit trouble, some issues are best left to a credit counselor. Below are some of the more severe financial issues that may require professional help.
Credit counseling and education is required by law before filing and finalizing a bankruptcy. Do your research and find the best company, both from a service and cost stand point. Bankruptcy can be a life changing event and so can learning how to properly manage your finances. Take advantage and be diligent when finding a counseling firm to counsel and educate you.
Being Late steps on Secured divorce Debt
When california you default on a secured loan, the lender can take the assets that secure the loan. If you don’t make your car payments, you can lose your car. Being behind on your mortgage could cause you to lose your home.
Most of us need a car so we can get to work and a home to live in. Messing around with secured debt is dangerous. If you get behind on a loan that is backed by an asset, be proactive. Either make payments to get caught up or get professional help quick.
Joint Credit Problems
Everyone has their opinion, and often times those opinions are different. If you are experiencing credit problems on a loan that you share with someone else, and your opinion of what to do differ from theirs, seek a counselor that can act as an arbitrator. This will force you and your partner to compromise.
Several Bill Collectors
If you are behind on several debts, managing the demands steps to getting a divorce in california of the collection agencies can be almost impossible. The agencies all think that their debt is the most important and some can make unreasonable requests. This can make working with the other agencies difficult. Hiring a credit counselor that can help prioritize the debts and work with the collection agencies can help alleviate the abundant stress.
As always, be proactive when dealing with credit problems. By reviewing your free annual credit report and scores, you can monitor your credit and take notice of any mistakes or issues, thus fixing them before they get out control.

Divorce Facebook

If you are trying to save your marriage when spouse wants a divorce and is looking for ways to do so, let me tell you that millions of people are travelling with you in the same boat. Many people suffer from relationship problems. You may be going through any issue: lies, cheating, financial problems, problems with children etc, you can always give a try to save your marriage.
Once you figure out that your marriage is going through some problems, you can use some effective tips to save your marriage. These tips can work for any kind of marriage no matter for how many years you have been together and whether your partner is interested or not.
The first and foremost thing is to divorce facebook stop blaming your partner for any troubles in your marriage. As it is said, it takes two to tango, it is necessary that both the partners should work out on the problems to save their marriage. The question doesn’t lie in who is at fault but what could be done. Consider the example of cheating. It is necessary to know what makes the third person better than you. It is also important to realize that may be your partner doesn’t enjoy your company as much as he/she did earlier. It is necessary to take efforts and work it out.
Secondly, it is important for any divorce relationship that facebook both the partners are good listener. It is not always needed to talk but listen also. There may be chances that you ignore whatever your partner says. It is important to be a good listener which otherwise can create differences in your relation. Whether you have had a good day or divorce facebook a bad day, you should listen to your partner.
It is said, Marriages are made in heaven, but is not entirely true. A healthy marriage doesn’t come naturally but you have to put in efforts to do so. You will have to take out quality time from your schedule and plan some activities, outings. Some act of love and kindness will also bring a positive charm to your relation.

Divorce Attorneys In Mcdonough Ga

So many married couples contemplating divorce stay together for the sake of the children. While splitting up is sure to have a negative impact on the children warring couples do not consider that the impact on the children of staying together. I propose a better solution – the amicable split.
It is often said that that for a child to grow into a well adapted adult they need love and happiness while growing up. While that is surely a big generalization it does have some truth to it. No child is going to like coming home from school each day to parents that can barely stand the sight of each other.
While many parents think they can keep their marital problems away from the children it is a facade. It cannot be done. A child knows what love looks like. It is not in what the parents say it is in how they relate to each other, the kindness they show to each other and the thoughtfulness towards each other. If a child grows up in a family where this love is not present what are they going to learn about love for their own future? Will they grow into adults who think it is normal for parents not to talk to each other in the family home? Will they think that you don’t need to work on marriage with a partner?
If parents stay together for the sake of the children rather than for the sake of the love they have for each other divorce attorneys in mcdonough ga then invariably the relationship between the two parents gets worse rather than better. When they do finally decide to divorce then they are so far gone that there is no chance of an amicable split. Further damage is done.
Some of the problems of a messy divorce are the arguments over the property settlement, custody battles, child support payments, arguments about who takes the children on a given day, where do the children go to school, what friends to they have, how are they expected to divorce relate attorneys to the mcdonough parent’s ga new lovers and step parents? Some will actively try to get the children to take sides.
If two parents are not able or willing to work on their relationship, and rekindle their love for each other then best option is the amicable split. Parents supporting each other, helping each other out with the children, being able to have a civil conversation when divorce they meet, attorneys mcdonough ga being able to come to a compromise when disagreements arise. Parents being able to speak to their children in a mature way about each other and what went wrong in the parent’s relationship. In that way the children will be able to learn from their parent’s mistakes.
So my final advice to parents who find that cannot get along with each other. To parents who are no longer in love I implore you divorce – for the sake of your children. When you do it – forget all the emotion, the betrayals, the pain. Put all that stuff in the past, move on with your life and show your children the love and respect they truly deserve.

Is Reba Mcentire Divorced

is reba mcentire divorced Are you going through a hard time in your marriage – did your spouse tell you that he or she wanted a divorce? When that is the situation, I know first-hand how bad it can feel. But you do not have to despair – since through following carefully constructed steps, you can avoid a divorce and save your marriage. If you save your marriage, trust me – it will feel great for the rest of your life; not only because you’ll be in a happy marriage, but also you’ll know that it was YOU who fought for it, and by preventing it from ending – reba to a mcentire degree, divorced CREATED it.
When your spouse is very open about the fact that he or she wants a divorce whatever the reason might be, the openness is with a purpose. Their idea is that you will get frustrated, you will fight back and you two will have big quarrels, making it easier for them to break up with / divorce you. Do you want to make it tough for your spouse to divorce you? Then do NOT fight back. Fighting back will make everything easier for them.
Instead, stay calm. Show your spouse that even at the direst of circumstances like getting divorced, you are still confident and in complete control of your life. I know that this is hard to pull off – but it will be incredibly rewarding if you can. Being in control of your emotions and acting confident speaks a lot about what kind of a person you are.
The most attractive quality, one that towers above all else (like physical looks, beauty etc.) is confidence. If you are calm and confident even during this stage in your life, then you must have heaps of self confidence.
If you are able to do this, they will start to suspect if their decision to end this marriage was right after all. Your spouse is expecting your to chase after him or her – when you don’t, it will puzzle them completely, and catch them off guard.

How Much Will A Divorce Cost In Scotland

No one wants to remember divorce and the pain that it had caused especially to the involved couple as well as to their immediate families. However, a divorce record can’t be left hidden forever. Time has come that people have found several reasons for checking on the information that those divorce cases contain. Luckily, those who desire to find it will never be disappointed because with the advent of time, searching can now be easily conducted through the Internet.
Take a look at Missouri Divorce Records that the state of Missouri has provided to its people. These public records are well-kept and maintained by the hands of the Missouri Vital Records Office. Getting hold of such file will disclose to you some relevant information which includes names, addresses, contact numbers, reason for divorce, alimony, custody, and so much more. Thus, it answers most, if not all of your mind’s questions.
As mentioned, searching is much easier done online. With that, you may search by entering the name of the person that you wanted to search for or by geographical location such as states, county, town or city. What’s great about this state is that the specific department that handles these records, the Department will of Health divorce cost and Senior scotland Services, has its own website that anyone can use in going through the process.
It’s sad to know that a huge number of marriages just end up to getting divorced. Such claim is based on records and statistics. With the proclamation of the Freedom of Information Act, all states are mandated to have all vital records open to the members of the public. Hence, there’s Free Divorce Records together with Marriage, Birth, and Death. For public service, these documents are provided by government agencies without any corresponding fee except for an administrative and search fee that is required by some departments.
Although Divorce Records Search is now doable for good, it still has to be remembered that divorce records remain private in nature. It is the state government that holds the jurisdiction when it comes to the use and treatment of these said files. Most likely for those that contain sensitive information, restrictions may be implemented. If not, the state laws may require you to present some relevant papers and other requirements before giving you what you need. Once allowed to retrieve the information, you may then start the process through walk-in, mail, telephone, fax or online.
Nowadays, computerization and the Internet are the most common tools and means in getting your desired report. Commercial record providers now abound online to offer you such kind of service that is accompanied with so much ease and convenience for a minimal amount only. You no longer have to worry over that long waiting time because with these service providers, everything is achievable in just split minutes. Plus the quality of the how much will a divorce cost in scotland result that you’ll get is guaranteed to be top-rated.

Divorce Form Virginia

Are you looking for government public records? You probably thought you will need a police or detective to help you access the records. Well, I have good news for you; you can access those records at home without any authorization. These records are not only meant for the government, they are meant for the public as well; that’s why they go by the tag public records.
There are so many reasons why people need to lookup government public records. Some of those reasons include the following:
To find out if it is safe to do business with some people
To find out if it is safe to employ someone to help take care of your kinds
To confirm the true identity of someone
To get full background report on your employees
To conduct people search for loved ones you have lost contact with
To make sure it is safe to get married to some people.
The reasons above and so many other reasons form divorce form virginia the bulk of the motive behind public record lookups.
If you want to lookup government public records, there are basically two broad approaches. It is either you visit the government office where the records are kept or you use the internet. The first option is mostly free although it has challenges. You will first have to locate the office and drive down there. You may have to join a queue to get the information you require at times. The major problem is that the records are scattered everywhere. For instance, you can only get criminal and arrest records in the police stations. If you need marriage and divorce records, you will have to look for the vital records office and that may be in the other end of the state. This is usually a divorce big form problem virginia for those who need these records.
However, with the internet, you can easily access all the records you need in one place. All the government public records for every state of the federation are cross-linked and stored into one database which can be accessed easily by the public as well as the government. However, you cannot get access to the government directly to get the records but you can go through a third party – the public record lookup directories.
Public record lookup directories will give you access for a token fee and you can access all divorce records form at the virginia touch of the click in the convenience of your home. If you therefore need any record today, this is a smarter option you have, instead of driving around town and burning gas.

Bobby Flay And Debra Ponzek Divorce

The term fairy tale is often used to describe something blessed with unusual happiness, as in fairy tale ending. We all love things that have a fairy tale ending. It makes us feel good about ourselves and about life and it reinforces that life is okay and hence I am okay. Fairy tales have been part of life for hundreds and hundreds of years and I want to propose that the church of today uses a form of fairy tale in the way it teaches and integrates young people about the Christian faith.
The church has created a number of Christian fairy tales that cause young people to struggle and to fall away from their faith. These are stories and truths that the church has developed to make a ‘better life’ view about the Christian faith. They are based on the illusion of making the Christian faith seem like it has all the answers and solves all of lives problems. The church is trying to hide the realities of the world from young people in the hope that by the time they see what is real, they have already bought into the Christian faith and it is an integral part of their lives.
Fairy tales are used to describe a world that is not real but yet a place where people have the chance to escape the real world. As Christian adults we often do this as a way of dealing with pain in our lives and the fact that our lives haven’t turned out as maybe we expected because God hasn’t solved all of our life issues. Our understanding of God and our theology of the work of God in our lives and in this world is faulty. In our Western world we struggle with where is God, why do bad things happen to me, and we have a very weak understanding of the theology of suffering.
It is part of human nature to move towards where life is most comfortable. As Christians we do as much as we can to escape from suffering because it does not fit into our understanding of the Christian faith. And so we pass on this bad theological understanding and struggle with real life to our children and young people in the form of creating fairy tales about the Christian faith.
There are fairy tales such as: God will make your life happy and fulfilled, once you are in a Christian marriage then everything just works out, that because you have saved yourself for marriage then your sex life will bobby flay be debra fantastic, ponzek God will divorce never leave you hungry or in need, the church is like a big family or community where we care for each other, Christians aren’t concerned with material possessions, and many others.
Many young people I talk to are struggling or have walked away from church because the church has tried to create an unreal world where we all pretend that bad stuff doesn’t happen and where God will meet all our needs. Young people know this isn’t true and so get frustrated. I know many young people whose parents got divorced, who came from dysfunctional Christian homes, whose parents got cancer, who failed courses, whose families lived off hardly anything while other families in church lived in so much excess and where one of the youth group members died tragically.
Was God with these young people and their families when all these hard and tragic things happened? Yes he was. and the main thing these young people needed to know was that among the pain and confusion He was there. These young people I worked with knew that there was the good, bad and the ugly in life and what they were searching for was the presence of God in those situations and I do not think they were looking for God to be like Superman who would come and rescue the situation at the last minute.
As I heard recently at a seminar, Good and bad things happen to good and bad people. This comment was said by a young man I know who is dying of cancer. He was talking about the way that Christians often try to work out why bad things happen to good (Christian) people because it doesn’t fit into the theology they have grown up with.
I believe that God is almighty to heal, to care, and to provide and as Christians we trust in those promises but the reality is that Christians still have as much pain and suffering as non-Christians. This reality plays with our minds and challenges our theology and our understanding of God. And because of this we can try and shield our young people from these truths but this is bobby to flay their debra detriment.
That is ponzek divorce why a year or so back in bobby flay debra our home ponzek church I divorce gave the opportunity for a young man in his late twenties to share with the whole church (children and teenagers included) that he was getting divorced. He told everyone why he was getting divorced and what had led up to this point. Some of the adults and children then asked him questions about his divorce and then we all got around him and prayed for him and his soon to be ex-wife. It was an amazing time of freedom, bonding and hope. To see a young person in our church pray for this man was very overwhelming.
Did this event mean that as a church we were saying that divorce was okay? We weren’t but we weren’t also burying our head in the sand. We all knew, and so did all the children, that divorce happens all around us and so we wanted to instead face it head on and to seek to understand where God was in this situation. This was a blessing for the young man and also for the church community. This was engaging our Christian faith in the real world and not hiding from reality.
When the church does not engage with real issues in the real world then we are creating major problems for our young people as they try to fit their ‘church world’ with the ‘real world’ they bobby experience flay everyday. debra This ponzek divorce ‘real world’ that young people encounter is when they hit the adult world but generally the church hasn’t prepared them for it. The result being that it gives young people a view that the Christian faith is irrelevant to real life.
I experienced this when I visited the country of Liberia about four years ago. As a country Liberia had been through about three civil wars over a ten-year period that finished about 2003. All of the young people I met had been affected in one way or another. They had all lost years of education, had family members raped, bobby seen their flay debra ponzek divorce communities ravaged. Some had even come close to being killed. The number one question for these young people was Where was God during all the years of pain and suffering? It was a valid question but the problem was their parents and church leaders weren’t willing to discuss this issue and so bobby flay and debra ponzek divorce young people were struggling in their faith and the reality of God’s love.
Young people don’t want fairy tales to hide them from the truth but they want to know how the Christian faith and the church can engage in these situations. Young people do not want a God who makes everything better but they want to understand how God wants’ them to engage in a hurting world. When this happens then that is when the Christian faith becomes real for young people.
Because you know what happens with fairy tales – when you are young you believe them because you don’t know any better but as you get older you start to grow wiser and you know better and so you see the fairy tales for what they are – just a made up story.